Let’s face it – this early retirement stuff just isn’t normal.  We save aggressively.  We say “no” to our friends a lot more than we would ordinarily like to do.  We subscribe only to the most basic television service and keep our cell phone plan as “low end” as possible.

This can only mean one of two things: I am either crazy, or I am a freedom fighter.

Far be it from me to assume that I’m not crazy, but in this case, I am most assuredly a freedom fighter.  I am essentially fighting to quit my full time job and live the rest of my life doing what I want, when I want.  Maybe it is travel.  Maybe it is photography.  Maybe a little of both.  It doesn’t matter.

It is this freedom – the freedom to choose whatever the hell I want to do with my time – all the time – that I am fighting for.

Gen Y Finance Guy is following the paths of many aspiring early retirees out there in a new interview series aptly called “Freedom Fighter”.  I recently took the opportunity to talk a little bit about my fight for freedom, and Mr. Gen Y was kind enough to offer it up for others to read and consider – for what it’s worth.

Check it out over at GenYFinanceGuy.com.