I'm tidying up a brand new resource every blogger cares about

I'm tidying up a brand new resource every blogger cares about

I'm tidying up a brand new resource every blogger cares about

    If you follow me on Twitter, you've already heard about a new project that I'm starting at the beginning of the year. And if you're a blogger, you'll want to take a look at this.

    It's called Digital Marketing 4 Bloggers.com.

    What is Digital Marketing 4 Bloggers?

    Here's the deal. There are a TON of web sites out there about blogging.

    And, there's a ton of resources about digital marketing. But as bloggers, it's awfully tough sometimes to wade through all the stuff that we don't care about to get to the stuff that actually matters.

    And, there are so many digital marketing websites that are simple lead magnets (that's a digital marketing word right there!) for paid services anyway. They give you a little value, then want you to pay them for the rest.

    That's not what I'm doing.

    I'm designing a digital marketing resource for bloggers. Only for bloggers. And, I'm not charging anything. No display ads, either.

    Best of all, this thing is super targeted.

    I'm not showing you how to design the best billboard you've ever seen. Or reviewing the latest CRM software product. Or giving you the best Wordpress themes of 2018. Technically, all that is "digital marketing".

    That's the stuff I'm trying to get away from, and I bet you are too.

    I'm talking about things like:

    • How to write the best text-based email of your life
    • Why welcome email sequences have a 50% average open rate, which is extremely high
    • How to write so your readers don't immediately bolt
    • Why your email list is a mind-blowing traffic builder and how to attract new subscribers and actually keep them hanging around

    What gives me the cred?

    I'm be honest, I'm not some highly-trained marketing guru.

    I'm just not.

    I do, however, have 20-years of experience developing websites. I've tried every damn trick in the book. I've started more blogs than I can possibly count and have several million pageviews under my belt.

    And, I'm using those pageviews as specific points of intelligence to build an incredibly useful, targeted and super-unique resource.

    And so, if you would...

    Visit Digital Marketing 4 Bloggers.

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