It’s springtime, baby!

5 thoughts on “It’s springtime, baby!”

  1. Y’all are lucky out there…we are dying to lay by the pool – but it has decided it is time to rain/dump ALL OF THE LEAVES off of EVERY TREE into my yard, lawn, and pool.

    That outdoor setup looks great, it is amazing what some sanding and stain can do. I am sure they will be nice and comfy when the 115 degree heat greets you in a few weeks.

    Our spring goals are simple…wait for baby, deliver baby, try not to kill baby – in that order! Oh, and get the garden squared away.

    1. Leaves! I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with those things. When they are actually ON the trees (where they belong, mind you), they’re great. But when they gleefully screw up your property to the point of requiring a rake or some such apparatus to clean up, then yeah, I can do without. 🙂

      Your spring goals seem respectable! If you’re gonna have a baby, it’s probably best not to kill it. But yup, you first gotta wait for it to come. Enjoy the peace while you have it. 🙂

      Have fun out there. I’ll be smoking a cigar tonight in honor of spring.

  2. The backyard looks great. I am sure the rug your wife is making will be a great addition.

    Someone told me that it is supposed to be in the 90’s here by the weekend.

    Spring Goal: Keep making forward progress on all my 2015 goals.


  3. Nice pool. Mine has a foot of ice under the cover and won’t be opened until May. We use it seven days a week for the 5 month season and then close it up again. Good thing we have a vacation home in Florida to use when we need some sun and it brought in $70k of rent on the short term vacation rental market in the last 12 months.

    1. Thanks Chris – that’s the way to do it, rent out your place as a vacation rental and make some serious dough when you’re not using it. You could probably have that sucker paid off real quick, then move down there once you’re all set to stop working in a mortgage-free paradise. 🙂

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