It’s July 4th! And you might be ready to retire if…

23 thoughts on “It’s July 4th! And you might be ready to retire if…”

  1. Great post Steve (and I’m not funny either!) And yep – my brother (who is FI) is the Costco one all the way… For participation’s sake.. You might be ready to retire if –

    You are supposed to be taking notes at the weekly department meeting and you are really on other PF blogger’s sites commenting instead!

    Happy 4th!

  2. ….You sew patches over the holes of your favorite jeans – when you don’t have a sewing machine and stab yourself 10x with a needle in the process.

    …..You’re saving the one jar of green beans you prepared in a canning class over a year ago because you might need them for dinner some day.

    Fun stuff! Happy 4th, Steve. May you and Courtney continue to enjoy freedom!

    1. Thanks Mrs. Groovy! We can’t afford the space anymore to save much stuff, but we were doing the same thing back when we had a house!

  3. You get that look from your wife, too? LOL Yeah, I get the “You’re an idiot” face quite a bit.

    Okay, as far as this list, I can totally get on board with:
    1) giving my clothes the sniff test (mainly just my shorts and t-shirt)
    2) the choice between spending money on a new TV or cell phone (I’m looking to downgrade my phone service and I’ll keep this TV until the screen goes dark)
    3) my budget is definitely a self-imposed limit to what I CAN spend instead of what society thinks I SHOULD spend
    4) and I shamelessly blog, anonymously divulging my net worth and savings habits.

    I guess that means I’m ready to retire. Now, I just need to bring my investments up to a point so that I can. LOL

    1. Hehe, yup – it’s the “I know I married you for a reason, but sometimes I can’t remember what that reason was…” look. 😉

  4. ….You annually get the itch to change jobs every year hoping the next will be the one.

    Also, if you make yourself laugh I feel like that’s half the battle. Keep on saving and motivating the rest of us!

  5. I’ve never been to Baja or anywhere along the Mexican peninsula. Only the mainland. Would love to hear more about it.

    One of my favorite Mexican vacations was when we went down to Zihuatanejo. It’s the little town they escape to in the Shawshank Redemption. It wasn’t a frugal vacation, but it was before kids and before I started thinking about life beyond my paycheck.

    As a fellow resident of the sunny southwest, I am a big fan of beach get-a-ways. Have fun and enjoy.

    1. I had never been to Baja either before this trip. Well worth it, if for no other reason than to escape the punishing heat that’s hitting Arizona this year. I can’t say it’s good to be back in the heat! 🙂

  6. I was enjoying this until I got to the point about the toilet. I’m somewhat of a clean freak and could never bring myself to “let it mellow”. The thought grosses me out. Excuse me while I go clean my brain with bleach.

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