Ladies and Gentlemen: The Liebster Award!

5 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen: The Liebster Award!”

  1. Fantastic, Steve. For an open book, we sure learned a lot. Bikes, Judge Judy, beer, and guns – you would fit in and are always welcome in Texas! If you have a concealed carry permit, y’all have reciprocity here too.

    Can’t wait to check out those blogs you nominated, I hadn’t heard of a few of them yet.

    1. Though a CCW isn’t required in Arizona, I do have one. It just makes things easier sometimes. 🙂

      Thanks for the nomination…gave me the opportunity to once again remember back to my R1 sportbike days. Thrilling indeed, but glad those days are behind me.

  2. How could you not love Judge Judy. Did you know she gets paid $40 million/year to do that show?

    My buddy actually was on the show a couple years ago. He had hired a company to put on casino night at his house. They provided all the game tables, chairs, and dealers.

    Well one of the dealers was about 350lbs and sat on a chair they provided with out any rubber stopper to protect the wood floors from being scratched. Needless to say the back and forth motion of the big guy scratched the floor pretty bad.

    He easily won the case.

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