Living in a tent by a river to engineer in the city

8 thoughts on “Living in a tent by a river to engineer in the city”

  1. I love the message. In high school I worked at a summer camp where I essentially lived in a tent for the summer, albeit with electricity. In some ways it’s more enjoyable then work environments today as you pointed out. But, then again you make you happiness , your location doesn’t bring it. Happiness is just as much a state of mind as financial freedom.

  2. A wonderful post. It sounds like that summer, you had the freedoms you wanted already, no need to save a stash of cash. I think you have a lot figured out when you say: “freedom is much more of a mindset rather than physical or environmental boundaries.”, good luck as you start to navigate the different phases of life!

  3. What a wonderfully written post Brian, that summer sounded amazing. The transition does sound a little sad to me, but as you say, our priorities can be different.

    I hope you manage to find a balance and get a bit of that magic back!

  4. Well written Brian! And how wonderful to have that experience early, to hold it clear and beautiful in your head as something you can aspire to get back to ASAP. When you are surrounded by cubicle walls or have annoying meetings with coworkers, you will always know what you are working towards – getting rid of those walls so that you are free to be in a tent and look at the sky whenever you damn well want.

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience. I never had an adventurous experience like that when I was in college. I was just too focused on the goal. The cubicle is the pit of hell… Anyway, I agree that thing will work itself out. Being frugal and saving is a good way to get there, but you have to enjoy life too. I was miserable for about 5 years at the end of my career. It sucked.. I should have changed job or do something to make life more enjoyable rather than endure it. Oh well, life is good now that I don’t have to work for a corporation anymore.

  6. I have recently found out that I’m expecting our third child, and instead of looking at it as a bump on our fi journey because I won’t earn any money, I see it as an opportunity to test out if early retirement will work for me! And after my 12 month absence they still have to give me my job back.

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