Throughout my journey toward financial independence and early retirement, I’ve had the distinct honor and privilege to be recognized by our national media, which has helped my message tremendously to reach more people and this blog to expand.

After a few requests, I’ve decided to put links to all these wonderful media outlets that decided to feature my wife and me, along with this blog, for their audiences.

All media features and mentions

Rockstar Finance: My Retirement Renaissance

Business Insider: I’m 34 and I’m planning to retire next year

ForbesHow One Man Curbed His Extreme Spending And Will Retire By 35 To Travel

CNBCThis couple retired in their 30s and are now traveling full time in an Airstream
CNBC36-year-old retiree: This is the secret to getting rich
CNBCThis couple retired in their 30s – here’s exactly what their budget looks like
CNBC36-year-old retiree: Saving money doesn’t get you rich – here’s what does
CNBC: 36-year-old retiree: A big paycheck doesn’t lead to early retirement – here’s what does
CNBC5 early retirees share their No. 1 money-saving tip
CNBC35-year-old retiree: 5 simple habits will help you retire early

CNBC features tend to get syndicated to partner outlets, like Don’t Waste Your Money, Yahoo Finance, and MSN.

CBS MarketWatch: 7 lessons I learned working in the corporate world before retiring at age 35
CBS MarketWatch: Here’s the secret to success: Lie to yourself

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