How much is a Twitter follow worth?

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  1. Interesting, I’d never really thought about social media as anything more then a way to connect with my readers and perhaps drive some traffic to the blog. It’s easy to forget some larger social media folks utilize the media independently to make money. Not something I personally would do but it’s interesting to read about.

  2. Reaching those type of number for the average Joe takes a lot of work. Like full time job type of work. Sow and steady has been my approach, not making any money, but driving a bit of traffic and engagement a my blog.

  3. Wow I had heard that celebrities get paid but didn’t realize the rates behind it. I recently read one actress said she made more from social media than acting. Crazy how quickly the world has changed in a span of 10 years.

  4. I don’t monetize Twitter at all, at least not directly. But I do my best to attract followers that get the most out of my content. I tend to follow doctors that follow me and other personal finance bloggers, doctors who follow doctors, bloggers whose posts I enjoy, and bloggers who follow me.

    It feels kinda dirty following random people, at least it did at first, but then I realized Twitter is nothing like my personal facebook profile — it’s used in a very different way. Since I changed my attitude, I’ve embraced Twitter more.

    The benefit I see from engagement (beyond the social aspect of the interactions) are increased site traffic and new fans.


    1. Agreed. I am not at a place to monetize followers and tweeting out an ad feels weird. Still I am trying to grow my account because it is an easy way to have lots of people see my posts quickly. Maybe instagram should be my next stop…I have not really worked on growing that.

  5. TSR –

    Great post, and was curious about all of this myself. We are approaching, surprisingly, 7K in twitter followers and love the community/news on there. We do have goals to continue to expand our presence on there – with attempts to get to 10k by end of the year (as we gain a few hundred new followers each and every month). Very interesting and I like the promotion of your own products there, such as your e-Book. You can even do promotions – at the Xth follower number you can receive a free copy of some sort. I dig it.


  6. I’m ashamed to say I wasn’t even aware how people were monetizing their twitter accounts until very recently. I know the Kim Kardashian types make ridiculous amounts of money on social media but for average joe schmoes like myself, it’s definitely a challenge to gain an audience. Thanks for the article, there’s some good info in there for a starting point.

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