This page tracks our net worth since we began recording these numbers for the blog.

We use Personal Capital to effortlessly track our net worth, investments and everything related to money in our lives. Though we have stopped publishing monthly budget articles, you may take a look at our past budgets for further details into these numbers.

Mar 2016$658,093 (-$34,527 – Airstream purchase!)

Feb 2016$692,620 (-$26,007)

Jan 2016: $718,627

December 2015$718,647.68

November 2015: $724,436.34

October 2015$709,750.69

September 2015: $691,177.31

August 2015: $676,489.00

July 2015$685,012.22

June 2015$671,637.00

May 2015$671,460.66

April 2015$604,683.22

March 2015: $594,485.48

February 2015$598,295.21

Jan 2015: $564,495

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