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The top 10 reasons why too many people retire poor

There are too many people in this country (and world) who retire poor. Some are forced into early retirement before they are ready. For others, health concerns might have influenced their decision to hang up their hat, and for some, just flat poor money choices . Workers can barely stick their neck above the waters, and people are forced to retire poor. The situation is common, although this is more prominent in s
Aug 7·8 min read
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5 lessons learned about retirement after my salary hit $100,000 a year

If you are earning over $100,000 a year, you're doing great. But, income alone won't let you retire. How smart are you with your money?
Aug 6·8 min read
Blogger Confessions

Blogger Confessions #43: Physician on Fire

Today we're talking to the good doc over at Physician on Fire about helping high-icnome professionals make better financial decisions.
Aug 3·7 min read
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How hiring a freelancer helped me get my life back

Hiring a freelancer in the gig economy is increasingly popular, for good reason. It might transform your life, for the better. Here's why.
Aug 1·10 min read
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10 ways to run a high-income business from the road

Running a business from the road doesn't need to be as difficult as it may sound. Here are 10 crucial tips you need to know.
Jul 30·10 min read
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The World Doesn’t Have To Make Sense

Financial independence. What a beautiful phrase. But it would have sounded like honking if you told me what F.I. was right out of college. I wasn’t drowning per se in my fairly reasonable $20,000 student loan debt load (I love that Steve is one of the few bloggers who curses. I get to say “crap” and I love it.) My mother firmly believed I was
Jul 28·6 min read
Blogger Confessions

Blogger Confessions #42: Jerry Brown from Peerless Money Mentor

Happy Saturday and welcome to the 42nd episode of the 'Blogger Confessions' interview series on the blog. Today, I'm bringing in Jerry Brown from Peerless Money Mentor to talk about blogging and how they've managed to keep everything straight as a personal finance blogger. Jerry, take it away. Blogger Confessions with Jerry Brown from Peerless Money Mentor 1: In at least 100 words, describe the target audience of your blog. The target audience for my blog
Jul 27·5 min read
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A guide to house hacking your way to retirement

House hacking is a clever way to use real estate to build enough passive income to do whatever you want in life, including retire.
Jul 25·13 min read
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Escaping the debt spiral: A high income path to financial independence

Debts are big business in the U.S. Escape the debt spiral by using these seven proven techniques to keep your money safe and under control.
Jul 23·10 min read
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15 clever ways to get free gift cards

There are lots of ways out there to score yourself a free gift card. From online surveys to cashback apps, these 15 tips work.
Jul 22·7 min read