Personal credit rating guide for millennials

4 thoughts on “Personal credit rating guide for millennials”

  1. I certainly agree you need to care about your credit score unless you are an exception. There is a point past which any gain in score is pedantic, but having a base level of good score is important. Without the score your looking at potential job difficulties, apartment renting issues, added deposits for various services, and many other headaches most of us take for granted.

  2. I definitely agree that if you’re established you shouldn’t care about your credit score if you don’t need to take on anymore debt in life. For younger people who plan to utilize debt in the future, well…you definitely shouldn’t be poo pooing just yet. Maybe when you’re like Steve and are retired, then you can poo poo anything you’d like 🙂

  3. I actually don’t have a problem with the authorized user phenomenon. When I was fresh out of college I ‘piggybacked’ on my dad’s credit so I could qualify for an apartment and better car rates. The issue is that you don’t continue to piggyback on someone else’s credit. But it was the springboard I needed and my credit’s been great. But yes, millennials need to care about credit!!!

  4. It’s hard as a millennial not to take creditors rejection personally. Why isn’t enough just to promise that you’re going to repay your debt?! 😉 But you’ve got some great points; I feel like your credit score is on of those tools in the financial chest that allows you to save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime (especially if you’re looking at real estate as a way of achieving financial independence). Great article, thanks for writing!

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