Personal finance on Reddit: The top subreddits to know

    If you love personal finance, then you'll probably love personal finance on Reddit. After all, Reddit is one of the top websites to ask and answer questions, as well as engaged in discussions.

    Reddit is designed around the concept of "subreddits" (or subs for short), which are categories for conversations. There are all kinds of different categories about virtually every topic known to man.

    Seriously, millions of subreddits exist.

    Millions of subreddits at the ready!

    Once you find the ones that you're most interested in, stick with them and participate the best you can (or, just read if you're only curious).

    Luckily, there is quite a bit of personal finance content on Reddit, and here are the top subreddits to know and visit.

    Personal finance on Reddit: The top subreddits to know

    The main subreddit about personal finance is, naturally, the "Personal Finance" subreddit. But, you might not be aware that there are nested subreddits and Wikis underneath the personal finance subreddit designed for specific niche areas, like youth finances and controversy.

    But, these subreddits designed specifically for personal finance aren't the only areas where redditors talk money.

    Let's take a look at several other options:

    And believe it or not, there are even some subreddits that dive into very specific portions of the overall FIRE movement:

    And finally, a few somewhat related subreddits that I enjoy:

    How to get the most out of reddit

    Redditors really are a different breed. They tend to be incredibly protective of the areas where they hang out and are extremely sensitive to anyone they feel might be imposing on their domain.

    Yes, I know this first-hand.

    Especially when it comes to self-promotion. Most subreddits have very strict policies about self-promotion, so if you're a blogger, don't sign up for Reddit and expect to cast a bunch of links out into the Reddit airwaves and get hits.

    In fact, it's much more likely that you'll just get banned. Self-promotion threads and comments are often automatically removed, but those that aren't will quickly get downvoted from the community.

    The more that you participate on Reddit without dishing around links, the better that you'll do. Some redditors will downvote virtually everything you post for no reason. Others might do the opposite.

    The important part is to participate on Reddit for the community and not worry about what other redditors are doing.

    Trust me, it'll drive you batty.

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