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Micro-Investing in Urban Residential Development: Meet Republic Real Estate

By now you can probably tell we have a passion for real estate. Homebuying, investing, house hacking, etc. You’ve also probably heard of real estate crowdfunding but, like many, maybe you’ve dragged your feet.

When we were introduced to Republic Real Estate (formerly known as Compound before their recent acquisition), it was through a mutual connection as a potential mentorship opportunity with their executives. As we learned more about what they offer and some of their early success, we KNEW we needed to share their platform with Think Save Retire’s community.

Part of that came down to the impact they had on the Physicians on FIRE community. You know if doctors are cashing out existing investment accounts to invest in something new, it’s worth paying attention to. Many of these physicians already owned properties, but faced a long path to building up a diversified real estate portfolio in a seamless, cost-effective way. This innovative model allowed these investors to buy a piece of the property, attractive for busy doctors who don’t have the time to deal with the hassles and headaches of managing investment properties in between saving lives.

Image of Republic Real Estate home screen

But isn’t real estate investing for rich people?

You might be wondering how this tool can help you level up your net worth. Especially since real estate investing has long been exclusively available to wealthy investors. Republic Real Estate is specifically looking to level the playing field in real estate investing and make it accessible for everyone. While yes, there are other real estate crowdinvesting platforms, most are available only to accredited investors, or individuals who have at least $1 million in net worth, representing only ~10% of the population. At Republic Real Estate, they take a different approach to portfolio construction.

They focus mostly on individual properties, rather than funds, or pre-set allocations, because they believe that people should have more agency over their investment decisions.

Anyone who believes in real estate investing as a wealth creation strategy, like we do, deserves a chance to participate. Whether you have $100 dollars to invest or $100,000. Republic believes that real estate doesn’t have to be so complicated. No more muddled spreadsheets, financials, and complex models. There are countless stories of people buying apartments in cities like New York, and realizing tremendous financial gains over the long term, even though they never set out to be real estate investors, per-se. These people simply invested intuitively, in neighborhoods and areas that they liked and thought had promise and the potential to appreciate.

Republic Real Estate’s focus is on properties that have a compelling story, and of course, the financials to back it up. They believe everyone should be able to build their own real estate portfolio, and they provide that access.

Whether you’re a real estate investing expert, like many of the physicians who participated in  Republic Real Estate’s crowd-funded investment model, or just beginning, this is part of one of the most prominent online startup ecosystems in the world and has a streamlined process that is user-friendly, intuitive, and of course, accessible.