I’m really doing this!

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  1. Woohoo, FI life at its best! I really enjoy reading about the lives and reflections of those who have reached FI. It is inspiring and motivating for those of us on the journey πŸ™‚ Enjoy and maybe I’ll see you at FinCon!

  2. Nice! Very mood invoking!
    I was in Driggs years ago on a hiking trip. My most memorable recollection is of a couple, out for a stroll at dusk, walking their llamas. One of the many times I learned there’s life beyond cubicle walls (and beyond New York, as well).

    1. Ha, walking their llamas. We actually spent a good amount of time in Driggs. Nice collection of restaurants and prevented us from making the trek over the mountain to Jackson Hole at night (we were staying in Victor). πŸ™‚

  3. No need to apologize for your stream of consciousness. That’s how I felt when I lived in Argentina for a year. Traveling, talking to people, spending uninterrupted time with my wife. It was amazing.

    I read this as I embark on another weekend of being on call. Helping people as a doctor, sure…but missing time with my wife and son. Missing time with the world outside of the hospital.

    So thank you for sharing and keeping me motivated.

  4. Since you’re already at Jackson Hole, can you pop by and tell the Fed not to do anything stupid once they arrive? Maybe nudge Janet if you see her out getting coffee…

  5. I love Wyoming (and Idaho, Montana and Utah). That is some of the prettiest country this nation has to offer. If you want to take it to the next level, drive up to Alaska. Probably too late this year, but it should be on your to do list. I’ve done it several times and it is awesome. Go up through Banff and Jasper National Parks. You won’t be disappointed. In the meantime, continue to smell the roses (or buffalo patties, whatever you can find).

    1. I definitely want to see Alaska and drive through Canada. I’ve heard the drive up to Alaska is LOOOOONG, though. We might do a cruise to Alaska next year, but not sure yet. Banff is definitely on my must-do list before I croak!

  6. Only found your blog a few weeks ago. Reading with interest and a little envy that you are ahead of me. Here I am sitting in the UK, but funnily it was on a trip to Wyoming and Yellowstone where we first realised we loved the life in an RV and that we had our priorities wrong. That was 2014 and since then I have taken early retirement from corporate life (wow! I didn’t realise how much of life I was missing!)…but my days are now fuller than ever – but with things ‘I want to do’! We also fell in love with Airstreams on that trip and now we own one. Now we plan our trips around our lives rather than around work!! We don’t have as much money as we did….but we have stopped buying ‘stuff’ for the sake of it, now we only buy what we need. We still have a house and mortgage but are working our plan on how we pay that down so we can really retire – your blog is just another incentive to speed that up….thanks.

    1. You’re most welcome, Don! I think it’s great what you’ve done for yourself and your family. You’re now prioritizing those things that mean the most to you. How sweet it is, my friend! Thanks for the comment and for reading.


  7. Looks awesome. WY is on my list of potential retirement destinations b/c it’s beautiful & has the lowest tax burden in the country (AK, NV, WY are close). Jackson Hole looks a bit pricey but Star Valley looks reasonably priced.

    1. Good call, Frugal Professor. Yeah, stay away from Jackson Hole if you want an affordable place, but Victor and Driggs (just over the mountain to the west) are very good compromises. There’s a lot that Wyoming offers, especially if you like the outdoors!

  8. Glad you’re enjoying it. Spend a little more time. I grew up there, I can tell you haven’t even started to see it yet.

    Go north out of town. There’s a place called Gros Ventre Junction. You’ll know it by the sign. Turn left. Take the next right, look for Zenith Drive. That’s where I grew up.

    Head over to Kelly. Look for the hot springs. Go for a nice soak, but be careful. It’s easy to relax so much you fall asleep and drown. I knew a woman whose dad grew corn next to that pond. It creates its own microclimate.

    Look for a place called the Hunter barn. If you’re lucky, and you know a local, and they still do such a thing, you might attend a dance there.

    Head north again, around Blacktail Butte. Get back on the highway. Go north a few miles, then take a look in your mirror at the big chocolate bunny lying there. There’s good climbing at his head, if you can find it.

    I’m tired of typing on my phone now. But if you did all this, you know a bit more than the average tourist.


    1. Thanks Mike – didn’t get to do all that because it was a family get-together. We had full days hiking and exploring the area, but all this gives us yet another reason to come back! πŸ™‚

  9. I’d give anything to live there. We worked in and around JH for 20 years. But the high cost to live there makes it impossible. Very sad.

    1. True that, Patricia. The cost of living there is just insane. We looked at some tiny homes while there and even those run a half million, easy. With no view!

  10. I’d be happy to pinch you, hard, if you didn’t plan well enough to get there for the total eclipse! Early retired us jumped in the car and drove 750 miles to Nebraska to see it. Awesome! If you didn’t your plan was seriously off by a few weeks.

    1. We were in the 97% totality path for the eclipse, right outside of Yellowstone National Park. We didn’t care enough about it to drive to 100% totality. πŸ™‚

  11. I love this post. And I love the Tetons. Some of the greatest mountains in the U.S. Hopefully, our next trip will be to take Mrs. ROB to see them. She has never been.

    1. I hadn’t seen them either until this trip. You’re right, they are amazing. We need to go back at some point, hopefully not during wild fire season! πŸ™‚

  12. I see no reason for you to apologize. This post is a great kick in the butt for those of us that aren’t there yet. I could picture your grin the whole time I was reading this. It sounds absolutely wonderful.

    We enjoyed Wyoming when we visited last summer as a family, but our stay was short. I can’t imagine what it would be like to visit with an open timetable…

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