Sedona, AZ is definitely in our future

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  1. How exciting to make a “for sure” decision and a plan to get there. It sounds like you have thought everything through. Hopefully the real estate markets cooperate with your plan and set you up for a reasonable cash flow situation. Best of luck with the eventual move!

  2. I started reading your blog after you posted about it on the MMM forum. I like what you’ve written thus far and plan to keep checking back for new posts. I particularly like this one as my husband and I have a similar plan, but we want to end up in Southern Oregon around Ashland or Jacksonville. I find that having something like this to look forward to really helps get us excited about the possibilities and stay focused on achieving the goal. Best wishes for a prosperous and happy 2015!

    1. Thanks Jennifer. I’ve traveled through Oregon – absolutely beautiful state. While my wife and I aren’t northwestern-type people (we like the heat I guess), I can definitely understand your desire to move into that area. It’s a fun little process to go through (if you maintain the right attitude) and adds an additional variable to the whole retirement and financial independence goal.

      How long into the future are you looking to make the move? What attracted you to southern Oregon?

      1. Our plan is to definitely be there by the time we FIRE, which we are planning to do in 5 1/2 years. However, I work from home and can live anywhere, so we are open to going at anytime between now and then. Our primary goal before making the move is to ensure we can pay cash for a new home there. As long as we can do that and my hubby can find work, we could literally go at any time. For what it’s worth, Southern Oregon is actually warm in the summer, low humidity and not at all rainy like the Portland area. It’s a bit of a secret and I just hope too many people don’t figure it out before we get there. In the meantime, we’ll tough it out in Austin.

        1. Sounds like you and I are in a very similar situation. I also work from home and can work from anywhere. It is the wife’s situation with the extra income that is keeping our Sedona plans a couple years out. I completely understand about your goal to pay cash for the home – our rental income is our planned way to make this happen with a very little net cash decrease.

          Good luck on your move!

  3. I helped my sister move to Sedona, and I was blown away by how beautiful it is out there! I’m not sure I would move down there myself, since I am so attached to the rocky mountains here in Provo, Utah. But it is definitely a beautiful landscape. I see why you want to move there!

    1. Hi Jenn – thanks so much for your comment. While our plans changed about Sedona, it’s still one of the most beautiful cities in the country and we still love to spend as much time as we can there. Amazing place. Beautiful red rocks. All in all, wonderful town.

  4. Sedona is an amazing place! I understand why you are so determined to go there. I believe that a person must go to live in the place that they feel like home. I wish you best of luck with finding a property there!

    1. Thanks Estelle. We have changed our plans a bit since the writing of that article, but Sedona will always be a place that we thoroughly enjoy visiting! 🙂

  5. I would reconsider. Traffic has become unbearable, and many tourists bring their not so nice ways with them. Also, with all the tourists come a lot of different maladies, flus, etc. Trail parking is overflowing into neighborhoods. thinking of leaving after only three years.

    1. Hi Sloopie – we have changed our plans, actually – not because of the traffic in Sedona (which I admit can be very heavy), but due to our desire to travel the country. We’ll be in Sedona from time to time, but in our Airstream and only staying for a few weeks at a time. 🙂

  6. I’ve lived here in Sedona for 11 years and my fiance’ and I are trying to escape. It is SLOWWWWWDona to those of is that know it best. Most of my good friends have already moved on which makes it sadder. It is expensive to live here and I’m talking food. Your food bill becomes $250 per week with 2 people easily. That’s a rent to most people or more! I would think about it if you haven’t already moved here. Expenses are high but pay is super low. God bless.

    1. Appreciate your thoughts, Tyler. We have definitely changed our plans and no longer need to move to Sedona. Instead, we’re going to be traveling the country in an Airstream (already bought), so we’ll get to experience Sedona when we want, but then move to cheaper areas of the country thereafter. A perfect mix, we think!

      1. Hi Steve, I think you need to follow your heart. I eventually want to travel like you are going to do. See America the way the locals do. I started looking at retiring in about 1998 for a 2007 retirement. We took vacations all over with the question to ask. Would I want to live here. When my wife brought me to Sedona, my jaw dropped when I saw the night sky. We have owned a home in Sedona since 2003 and moved here full time in 2007. We came from Southern California. I guess if people think Sedona has traffic, they have never been on a SoCal freeway any time of the day!

        I love it here and have no plans of moving. Traffic here means it takes 5 minutes longer to get somewhere (maybe) ! Weather – 300 days of sunshine and a Milky Way you can see 300+ nights a year. Oh, what about the majestic beauty of the area; Red Rock vistas, the smell of pine trees, etc. etc.

        I embrace tourism and change. It is the lifeblood of our economy. I can leave my front door unlocked at night at not worry about my safety. How many places in this country can you have all of this?

        1. Hey Rich – I think you’re right, gotta follow your heart. We will definitely spend a lot of time in the Sedona area in our RV. The cost to live in Sedona was just too steep, but just as well, as the RV lifestyle is more up our alley anyway. I took a look at your web site listings…some beautiful homes up there!

  7. 170k for a Sedona home? Not going to happen. Maybe a condo if you are lucky. If you are lucky you will find a stand alone home in Sedona for $250-$275k in winter when the real estate market as slowed down but most homes are $300k and above. I am planning on moving to Sedona this winter. I’ve been flipping houses in the west valley since 2011. My last flip home is under contract and I will be renting somewhere here for 6 months until just before Christmas and then ill go house shopping in Sedona. I am looking for something for $250k with $100k down. By some miracle I will be able to convert the garage to an air b and b but I am not counting on it right away. Will most likely buy a van and offer tours that take visitors to Jerome for a few hours. There aren’t many jobs up there so you got to use your head.

    1. Hi Sar – we’ve changed our plans, partly because Sedona was so expensive (the other was due to the constant crowds). We’re traveling full-time now. 😉

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