Step 1: How to think

    Thinking is hard. Okay, it used to be hard before you found this blog. Thinking is [now] easy. The trick is to think about the right things, prioritize what is truly important and exit this brutal rat race before it gets any worse.
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    Are you with me? Cool, because I've blogged at some length about this topic.

    Early Retirement begins with wanting it. Wanting it bad enough to make changes in your life that prioritize your future rather than feed your present day temporary happiness. Getting your mind right is Step 1.

    It also means streamlining your life to maximize your time spent doing...well, everything!

    For example, did you know that 80% of your happiness is derived from only 20% of your daily activities? It's true and I've written about it. Why not minimize the other 80%?

    Ah, now you're thinkin' like an early retiree!

    How do we ignore the negative elements of life and hone in on what truly makes us happy? Train your mind to think the right way. Establish goals, but don't be afraid to change them. Celebrate the small victories along the way and get excited about the small stuff.

    Throughout this blog, I write about how I conquered Step 1 of my journey to early retirement. How many of these techniques can you put to use in your own life?

    Train your mind to think

    Most of us aren't yet retired. We are still laboring away in corporate America - and by coincidence, I love bashing corporate America and careers in general. They provide nothing of value to my happiness.

    Let's talk about corporate America

    And, a few additional questions to keep in mind as you're improving the way you think, especially about your life, money and what truly makes you happy.

    Questions to ask yourself?