Step 3: How to retire

    Early retirement is that giant light at the end of a long tunnel. It is what we've been working so hard over the years to achieve. It symbolizes success and naturally includes the elements in our lives that make us happy.
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    I retired at 35.

    This blog talks about the three components of early retirement: how to think, save and retire. Remember, your job is not done once you reach retirement. For instance, you'd like to stay retired, right?

    Me too. There are techniques that I talk about on this blog that not only help you achieve retirement but remain retired after you get there. Your insane ability to save money remains in play as you enjoy your retirement.

    For example, slow the hell down and take it easy. You will buy less stuff and avoid the stresses of your life that "retirement" was supposed to cure!

    And those habits that you developed during your wealth accumulation phase? Those are now an integral part of your life. You've mastered your ER lifestyle.

    But more importantly, you know how to work smart. You understand what works for you and what doesn't. You ignore the drivel of conventional wisdom and focus on what makes your life the best that it can be. It is different for all of us, but you - a future early retiree - understands what makes you tick.

    Behold, the best of how to retire!

    You know how to retire early, because:

    And remember, ignore the retirement police. They can argue their definition of retirement as we enjoy our lives in blissful harmony. Also, retirement is not about being perfect, nor awesome. It's about being YOU.

    After all, who else would you rather be? If you're an early retiree, probably nobody!

    Selfie of the wife and I at a New York wedding
    Selfie of the wife and I at a New York wedding