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That time I was almost bat-shit stupid...again

Back in 2010, I did something dumb. Okay, not just dumb, but certifiably bat-shit stupid. To this day, I kick myself every time I look at it. I mean, I "like it" I suppose, but it's just an object. A "thing". Why did I spend so much money on this thing? And believe it or not, a few years down the line I almost committed an even bat-shittier, stupider crime against my future self. I damn near went into further debt to upgrade that bat-shit stupid thing I bought in 2010! A sign on the wall damn
Oct 19, 2016·4 min read
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Choosing to be homeless: How I'd live out of my car

If I ever chose to be homeless, this is how I'd do it. I would live in my car, spend time in co-working spaces and use their refrigerators to store food.
Jul 25, 2016·4 min read
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The single most expensive part of car ownership is...

The single most expensive part of car ownership is: its depreciation! It happens instantly, sometimes over 10% depreciation the instant the car is driven off the lot.
Oct 21, 2015·5 min read

Why your $80,000 car doesn't impress me any longer

The majority of research finds that expensive luxury cars are owned by those with higher levels of income, not necessarily by those who are wealthy.
Sep 21, 2015·6 min read
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Are your cars ruining your future?

Instead of buying a Honda Accord or Ford Fiesta to drive to Point B, many Americans instead will spend thousands more on a BMW, or a gas-guzzling pickup truck, to bring them to Point B.
Nov 18, 2014·2 min read