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The only two reasons to go into debt – ever!

Published October 31, 2016   Posted in How to Save

I feel like I’m going all “Dave Ramsey” on you people, but debts are serious business. Debts put us into a position of weakness by owing money that we currently do not have. While there are legit reasons to take on debt, the majority of Americans accept these financial weaknesses too freely. Debts are big […]

Why your $80,000 car doesn’t impress me any longer

Published September 21, 2015   Posted in How to Think

I will admit that, once upon a time, I gushed over nice looking, expensive cars.  In high school, when I saw some impeccably maintained BMW M-series or Porsche rolling down the street, I’d look.  And maybe gawk.  I’d take in the sound of the engine note like a true “connoisseur”. To say that I was […]

Runaway credit destroying American retirement

Published March 19, 2015   Posted in How to Retire

It is no secret that the spending habits of traditional Americans are not all that pretty.  Way too many Americans find themselves in a position where retirement seems like a lofty goal only accessible by either the old or lucky, and that most people – including them – are “regular Americans” just trying to get […]