Jason Fieber’s “The Dividend Mantra Way” book review

Like the “good guy” in an exciting movie, Jason’s the kind of guy that you root for to win.  While I do not know Jason personally, I am an avid reader of his blog, Mr. Free At 33, and had the opportunity to read his new book, “The Dividend Mantra Way: Achieving Financial Independence By Living Below Your Means And Investing In Dividend Growth Stocks“.  Simply put, you will learn a hell of a lot in this book even if you think that you already have your investments nailed down.

The Dividend Mantra Way book reviewLike Jason, I am proud to say that I am on track towards financial independence and early retirement.  While I invest heavily in the stock market and do own a wide variety of dividend stocks, I still learned a good deal from this book.  It is always refreshing to hear an experienced investor talk about the very investment strategy that you’re using.  Never stop learning.

That is what this book is all about: learning.  In this book, Jason Fieber teaches how dividend investing works and how easy it can be to put your money to work for you.  This is a book that truly does teach you how to make dividend investing successful and worth while for you. Continue reading “Jason Fieber’s “The Dividend Mantra Way” book review”