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How we use Personal Capital to track our money

Personal Capital has changed the way that we track our financial lives. Using colorful charts and linked accounts, everything's in one place.
Jan 11, 2016·6 min read
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Charting my stock market performance over the years

I decided to login to my Vanguard account to take a look at my market performance over the years. I'm seeing mostly green with a couple areas of red (hello 2015 market correction!).
Nov 28, 2015·3 min read
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Happy Halloween and some dreadfully scary statistics

Good day, my spooky little ghosts and goblins. Today, I have nothing of real value to report other than to wish you the scariest Halloween that you've ever had - literally, I hope the snot gets scared right out of you. Helps with congestion, after all.
Oct 31, 2015·2 min read
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As the stock market slides, remember long haul victory

If you're paying any attention to the stock market this week, then you are probably aware of its sharp slide over the past several days, sending the Dow plunging 300+ points for two straight days and down 4% this week alone.
Aug 22, 2015·1 min read
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Our financial independence date, new and improved

It probably won't take readers long to realize that my wife and I keep changing our minds on things. As circumstances change and situations naturally morph and twist, we try to be flexible enough to adjust to life's ever-changing nuggets of fun. This time it's our FI date, and things are getting even better.
Aug 1, 2015·2 min read

Make cheap, kick-butt picture frames that look like clipboards

If you are like me, you love free stuff. But if you can't get free, an inexpensive do-it-yourself project might be the next best thing, and that is just what my wife and I did over the weekend to come up with some truly nice looking picture frames that look just like clipboards.
Jul 27, 2015·3 min read
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What has the American Dream become?

The reality of living in the United States of America is actually quite encouraging. The very large majority of us have plenty of opportunities to succeed and build the life that we want. Some of us take those opportunities and make the best of them. Others don't. The impact can be amazingly severe, but the impact of our decisions does not kill off the American Dream.
Jun 22, 2015·4 min read
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Maybe spending all that money in my 20s was a good thing

With all this talk about early retirement and the hilarious financial mistakes that I made in an earlier life, it is tough to consider the possibility that maybe, just maybe, all that money that I recklessly blew through in my 20s might actually turn into a good thing.
Jun 10, 2015·4 min read
Financial independence

Downsizing my photo equipment? What?!?

Well, I finally did it. In the name of both frugality and minimalism (and maybe a little thinking ahead), I decided to officially buy into a camera system that is significantly smaller, lighter and easier to carry with me than my current - and much-beloved, Nikon-based camera system.
May 27, 2015·4 min read

Lookie there! Stats prove American ridiculousness

Is it any wonder why the average retirement age in the United States has crept up past the 60 year old mark (62 according to Gallup)? If the stats that were graciously put together all in one spot from Becoming Minimalist are any clue, then this retirement phenomenon, unfortunately, should come as no surprise.
May 18, 2015·4 min read
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Life is short, so live a little...they say

"Life is too short. I wanna have some fun now." Or, maybe it goes something like "Life's short, live a little". However it is said, the underlying point remains pretty clear: don't delay your ability to spend some serious cash. After all, "life is short".
May 13, 2015·4 min read
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Financial independence day - September, 2018

Our financial independence day has been determined to be September, 2018. It's party time once 2018 rolls around!
May 11, 2015·2 min read