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I paid off my mortgage in less than 8 years

Published February 15, 2017   Posted in Guest Posts How to Think

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I’ve made it no secret that I hate mortgages – both having them AND paying them off. But once they are gone, the potential to build some serious net worth skyrockets. Today, I bring you a guest post by Rob from Mustard Seed Money on the ups and downs of wiping his […]

Why I may never own a home again

Published April 11, 2016   Posted in How to Save

I thought it was the American Dream. Owning a home. In the U.S., this supposedly represents some form of “success”…a badge of honor. It’s your stamp of approval that you truly have “made it” in life. Equally damaging, there also seems to be a stigma with renting. If you’re successful enough, you own. If you […]