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How to Retire

The best advice for living forever off your retirement

Attaining finanical freedom isn't just about making and saving money, it's about being able to maintain a new lifestyle
Oct 21, 2019·5 min read
How to Think

What will make you happier: retiring early or never retiring at all?

What's the difference between people who retire early and who never retire? The answer is actually pretty complicated.
Oct 17, 2019·10 min read
How to Retire

What does it mean to retire early vs. retire from full-time work?

Unlike retiring in your 60s, early retirement isn't about stopping or slowing down. People who retire younger end up doing even more.
Oct 15, 2019·5 min read
How to Think

11 things I learned working in corporate America

At 34 years old, my time working a full-time job in corporate America is slowly drawing to a close, and I will never forget what it has taught me.
Oct 8, 2019·9 min read
In Retirement

Early retirement buzzwords and acronyms you must know

If you're going to retire early, you have to know the lingo. Check out my list of early retirement buzzzwords and acronyms!
Jul 5, 2019·5 min read
Early retirement

The wild card in your FIRE plans: Your parents

Without a doubt, Doug Nordman has his financial act together. I know this because I’ve interviewed him several times for articles I’ve written about early retirement. He retired at the age of 41 after 20 years of service with the U.S. Navy submarine force by saving more than 40% of his income. He shares his knowledge about achieving financial independence on his blog, The Military Guide . And he has even published a book that shows veterans how to retire on thei
Jul 4, 2019·6 min read
Early retirement

How to retire with a high income: A definitive guide

If you're wondering how to retire with a high income, you won't want to miss this definitive guide from early retirement expert Steve Adcock.
Jun 25, 2019·5 min read
In Retirement

Is financial independence even possible for me?

Is financial independence a realistic possibility for you? Find out in our latest blog post!
Jun 20, 2019·4 min read
Working in Corporate America

Five ways to increase your salary that anyone can do

To increase your salary, use some tried and true tactics that work, like being a genuine person, someone likeable and not afraid to ask for a raise.
Jun 4, 2019·8 min read
Working in Corporate America

10 things I love about working from home (plus 5 things I hate)

Working from home is an amazing blessing, but it also won't be right for everyone. Here are 10 things I liked, but also 5 things I absolutely hated.
May 30, 2019·10 min read
Working in Corporate America

The only guide you'll ever need to write a resume that recruiters want to read

Writing a resume that employers actually want to read can be challenging. Put your best foot forward with our expert resume tips!
May 9, 2019·12 min read
In Retirement

How to become a smart calculated risk taker

Smart and calculated risks take practice, and the more risks that you take, the smarter you become at doing the ones with the highest upside.
Apr 19, 2019·11 min read