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Why are careers in information technology unfulfilling?

In the personal finance community, we get to read a lot of people's stories about why they chose a path to early retirement (or at least financial independence)...
Feb 21, 2018·8 min read
How to Think

The super secret key to success: Ask!

Do you want success? Ask for success. Waiting for success to happen is a game that we will lose almost every time. Don't wait for things to happen TO US.
Feb 22, 2017·6 min read
How to Save

How quickly can you spot an impulse buy?

The impulse buy - they are one of the amazingly tricky types of buying that exist for most people.  They are emotional purchases, but they can be stopped!
Feb 22, 2016·4 min read
How to Think

Working sucks: I don't want a career, and here's why

Ever since my wife and I decided on a plan to retire early, our pursuits have become significantly more short term. 30-year goals? Ha!
Aug 10, 2015·6 min read
Eating out

Opinions wanted: How do you "live a little"?

Especially during the holidays, the temptation (and, in many ways, "expectation") to splurge on some of life's convenience or luxury items - otherwise known as "living a little", surface in full swing. As in rehabilitation, it is often helpful to talk about these vices and get them out in the open, admit to them, and then improve your mastery over your more spendy types of behavior.
Dec 24, 2014·1 min read
How to Save

How to save money when eating out

Believe it or not, there is a way to still go out to eat - even multiple times a week - and save good money over the cost of "nice" restaurants.
Nov 18, 2014·3 min read