Opinions wanted: How do you “live a little”?

4 thoughts on “Opinions wanted: How do you “live a little”?”

  1. I think travel and massages. We try to use points for travel, but you really can’t for the spa (for my wife). I also just ordered a new hard drive that I didn’t really need. Either way this will be one of our best net worth increase months ever!

  2. Mine are golf and alcohol, although this is not just limited to the holiday period!

    I am constantly working on getting my alcohol consumption down, but with golf I feel that it’s not the expensive hobby most make it out to be, so am fairly happy with spending £50-£100 a month on that, given that I don’t really splurge on much else nowadays.

    1. There are ways to make your vices less expensive, like you have with golf. Alcohol can be the same way – I’ve read that after your first glass of wine, for example, you really can’t tell as much how “good” the second glass is, so you might as well save your expensive stuff for the first glass and move on to less expensive options after that.

      I haven’t confirmed that, just read it. Sounds like it makes some sense.

      Enjoy, and best of luck in your endeavors.

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