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What money advice would you have followed?

Published May 22, 2017   Posted in How to Think

Last week, I wrote about bullshit money advice. I recalled some of the nastiest money advice I have ever heard, and it was one of the easiest articles I’ve ever written. Bad money advice is everywhere. It permeates our culture. Permeates is a big word, so it must be true. Then, I asked the good […]

Money advice that really is mucho bullshit

Published May 10, 2017   Posted in Having some fun

Advice is a dime-a-dozen…especially shitty advice. And about money. We humans have a way of taking conventional wisdom and turning it into gospel that gets disseminated blindly and without a second thought. Especially about money. So much of it relates to money. I’ve heard it. You’ve heard it. And let’s face it: It’s kinda fun […]