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Why we sold our souls for A mortgage

Published April 12, 2017   Posted in Guest Posts

Those damn mortgages. They are often the largest debts we ever incur. My mortgage had a devastating affect on my financial situation at the time, and I know that I’m not alone. Today, I bring to you a post from Mrs. Picky Pincher who tells us why they sold their souls. There I was, covered […]

I paid off my mortgage in less than 8 years

Published February 15, 2017   Posted in Guest Posts How to Think

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I’ve made it no secret that I hate mortgages – both having them AND paying them off. But once they are gone, the potential to build some serious net worth skyrockets. Today, I bring you a guest post by Rob from Mustard Seed Money on the ups and downs of wiping his […]