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Good day, all! I’ve got a fun (and serious) post coming at ya from Paul Andrews who’s talking about coming to grips with your significant other’s view on money. It’s hilariously serious business. Read! When it comes down to your finances, there are any number of pieces of advice that really do make a lot […]
It is not that my area of the country is especially prone to a heavy begging population.  But nevertheless, there is a big enough population of beggars in my neck of the woods that makes this question a tough one to ignore.  Here, they stand on street corners holding “Help me” signs in the hopes […]

Question time: Do you want respect or pay?

Published May 6, 2015   Posted in How to Think

Picture yourself in this scenario: You are at work sitting around a conference table with the CEO (or some other high level manager) and a few of your coworkers.  You are discussing something that will literally make or break the company.  Make the right decision and your company flourishes.  Make the wrong one and, well, […]

Could you live in a tiny house?

Published December 6, 2014   Posted in Having some fun

Let’s have a little fun this weekend and talk about living in a tiny house.  Tiny homes are not simply “small homes”.  Tiny homes are complete homes meant for a family to live in that, in many cases, can be transported on the back of a trailer and plopped down almost anywhere in the world. […]