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It is not that my area of the country is especially prone to a heavy begging population.  But nevertheless, there is a big enough population of beggars in my neck of the woods that makes this question a tough one to ignore.  Here, they stand on street corners holding “Help me” signs in the hopes […]

Question time: Do you want respect or pay?

Published May 6, 2015   Posted in How to Think

Picture yourself in this scenario: You are at work sitting around a conference table with the CEO (or some other high level manager) and a few of your coworkers.  You are discussing something that will literally make or break the company.  Make the right decision and your company flourishes.  Make the wrong one and, well, […]

Could you live in a tiny house?

Published December 6, 2014   Posted in Having some fun

Let’s have a little fun this weekend and talk about living in a tiny house.  Tiny homes are not simply “small homes”.  Tiny homes are complete homes meant for a family to live in that, in many cases, can be transported on the back of a trailer and plopped down almost anywhere in the world. […]