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I was in my early 30s and had achieved enough in my life to be considered successful. I earned good money and drove around in stylish sports and luxury cars. House in the suburbs, big screen television, HDTV service. Damn, life was good. Or rather…life should have been good. Read my previous installment of this two-part […]
Some time after starting this humble little early retirement blog, I came to a fairly startling realization that my goal in all this is not to retire early. Early retirement was an easy out. The truth of the matter is something much more insidious, which stems from an intriguing element in my life that deceptively […]
Audio introduction There once was a dude from the southeast who thought that life could be broken down into a few simple constructs: get a job, buy stuff, retire and die.  Yep, that dude was me.  Early retirement?  Not in the cards.  401k retirement plan?  Sure, but only the minimum.  Retirement was the furthest thing […]