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A guide to a career in the tech industry

Published August 17, 2016   Posted in How to Think

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a reader asking me if I would work in the tech industry again if I had the chance to do it all over. Like I said before, this business can drain the life out of you. Long hours. It’s boring, but also exciting, frustrating and lucrative […]
At my company, employees can take as much vacation as they want. It’s virtually limitless, within reason. Vacation time isn’t “accrued”. You take it when you need it, as much as you want. At first blush, this seems pretty damn sweet. As much vacation as you want? Score! Here is the rub: My company also […]

How to rock your next interview and get the job

Published October 7, 2015   Posted in How to Think

In a previous life, I did quite a bit of hiring.  I’ve seen all kinds of candidates from all walks of life.  I’ve read more resumes than I could possibly remember, and I politely sat in interviews while candidates whistled their way through bullshit answers to questions that I really didn’t care much about anyway. […]
Welcome to the first exciting installment of the 4-part article series “Our Next Life“.  Here, we divulge our retirement plan, in some detail, for others to consider, scrutinize and endlessly ridicule.  And yes, I am fully aware that the name of this series also happens to be the name of one of our favorite finance blogs around […]