Working in Corporate America


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Working in Corporate America

Five ways to increase your salary that anyone can do

To increase your salary, use some tried and true tactics that work, like being a genuine person, someone likeable and not afraid to ask for a raise.
Jun 4, 2019·8 min read
Working in Corporate America

10 things I love about working from home (plus 5 things I hate)

Working from home is an amazing blessing, but it also won't be right for everyone. Here are 10 things I liked, but also 5 things I absolutely hated.
May 30, 2019·10 min read
Working in Corporate America

The only guide you'll ever need to write a resume that recruiters want to read

Writing a resume that employers actually want to read can be challenging. Put your best foot forward with our expert resume tips!
May 9, 2019·12 min read
Working in Corporate America

Why do married men and women work longer than unmarried?

I stumbled on an interesting statistic this morning as I was perusing the web for, well, interesting stuff. This one is about the average working hours of married men and women vs. those who are unmarried. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics : > Married men work an average of 4.6 more hours per week compared with unmarried men. > Married women work 1.6 hours more. Interesting! Some thoughts that might account for this discrepancy: * Ma
Apr 6, 2019·2 min read

What was it like to manage people [more than] double my age?

I was 32, and in a single day, I got an opportunity to leap several layers of management - to go from a common staff member writing mundane software to the Director of Information Technology. This was seriously humbling in an "I'm a badass" kind of way. That morning, I robotically strolled into work as I always had. Walked into the office around 6:30am and lazily commuted straight back to the kitchen, fixed me a cup of coffee an
Feb 22, 2019·6 min read

Why are careers in information technology unfulfilling?

In the personal finance community, we get to read a lot of people's stories about why they chose a path to early retirement (or at least financial independence)...
Feb 21, 2018·8 min read