TestingTime Review 2024 [Up to $60 Per Test?]

TestingTime Review 2024 [Up to $60 Per Test?]

TestingTime Review 2024 [Up to $60 Per Test?]

If you’ve done a deep dive on how to make money online, you’ve likely come across user testing. User testing allows you to earn cash for providing your honest thoughts and opinions on emerging products and services.

TestingTime Review 2024 [Up to $60 Per Test?]

    The key to earning with user testing is finding the right platforms. While a newer platform on the market, TestingTime offers a simple, user-friendly interface and well-compensated tests.

    Below, we’ll dive into how TestingTime works, its pros and cons, and how to maximize your earnings on the platform.

    How TestingTime Works

    TestingTime recruits users and study participants to test their clients’ products and services. In exchange for providing their team with invaluable consumer insights, you’ll earn some extra cash. According to their website, TestingTime has worked with several notable brands—Audible, ASOS, Deloitte, and Google, to name a few.

    To become a test user, follow these steps:

    1. Complete the Sign-Up Form: It’s free to sign up for TestingTime. You’ll answer a couple questions about where you live, the language you speak, and the best way to contact you.
    2. Complete the Questionnaire: As with all user testing platforms, you’ll then complete a questionnaire. This is how TestingTime obtains the demographic and behavioral data needed to match you with tests.
    3. Take Screeners: Once you’re in, you’re good to take screeners. If TestingTime thinks you might qualify for a test, it’ll appear under the Studies tab. You can then take the screener to determine your eligibility.
    4. Participate in Tests: If you pass the screener, follow the prompts to participate in the test. This may require booking an online video session, scheduling an in-person meeting, or completing another questionnaire.

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    Pros and Cons of TestingTime

    TestingTime launched in 2015—quite new in comparison to competing platforms like UserTesting, which was founded in 1999. With that in mind, it seems like TestingTime might still be working out some of the kinks as they scale their platform.

    While it’s a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate platform, you might not see as many available opportunities as you would on other platforms.


    • In-person test opportunities for participants in Europe
    • Decent compensation in comparison to competing platforms
    • Simple, user-friendly platform
    • Offers both PayPal and ACH transfer options for earnings withdrawal
    • Shorter payout time than other platforms (10 business days)


    • Most in-person tests take place in Europe. If you live in the US, you likely won’t have the opportunity to participate in these higher-paying tests.
    • Some users report a lack of test opportunities.
    • You’ll need to be at least 18 years old to participate.

    How to Get Paid on TestingTime

    TestingTime remains upfront with their payment structure—in-person tests pay the most, test interviews pay “a little less,” and online surveys pay “a little less” than interviews. That said, it’s unclear what “a little less” truly checks out to.

    One participant reported around $5 to $6.25 for a four- to five-minute survey, while another participant reported earnings of around $12.51 per questionnaire. In one of TestingTime’s in-person test examples, however, the participant earned $61.52.

    After completing a test, TestingTime will begin to process your earnings. It takes around 10 business days for the funds to hit your account. From there, you can withdraw your earnings via PayPal or ACH transfer.

    Just beware—because TestingTime is a Switzerland-based company, you may face foreign transfer fees if you opt for an ACH transfer. Transferring via PayPal avoids this fee.

    How to Maximize Your Earnings on TestingTime

    There are a few keys to maximizing your earnings on user testing platforms.

    Make Your Profile as Detailed as Possible

    Researchers are often looking for an incredibly specific demographic to test their product or service. The more detail you add to your profile, the more information they have to match you with tests.

    Answer Questions Thoughtfully

    Researchers need detailed responses to get meaningful insights from the study. If you answer questions thoughtfully, sharing all of your thoughts and opinions openly, you’re likely to be called back for more tests.

    Attempt All Screeners

    When a test becomes available to you, complete the screener as soon as possible. Screeners filter out those that aren’t eligible for the test, and they’re the only way to know if you are eligible. If you don’t complete the screeners, you won’t get to participate in any tests.

    Additionally, completing screeners keeps your account active. User testing platforms are more likely to offer test opportunities to active users.

    Turn Email Notifications On

    When a new test becomes available, TestingTime will alert you via email. Make sure your email notifications are on so you can complete the screeners promptly.

    Check Your Dashboard Daily

    TestingTime publishes new opportunities daily. Checking your dashboard every day ensures that you don’t miss any opportunities.

    Be Honest

    It is crucial to remain honest at all stages of participation. If you fail to answer questions truthfully in an effort to qualify for more surveys, TestingTime will ban you and may block payments.

    Our Final Rating: 4.0 Stars

    Here’s the thing—most user testing platforms are virtually the same. You’ll find a list of test opportunities, and you’ll qualify for a small percentage.

    While TestingTime is a solid user testing platform, user testing itself isn’t a side hustle you’ll make a living from. If you’re signing up with realistic expectations, you’ll enjoy the platform. If you’re hoping to make a steady stream of income with TestingTime, you’ll wind up disappointed.

    To maximize your earnings with user testing, sign up for several platforms. Log into each one daily, and complete the screeners on any test available to you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is TestingTime Trustworthy?

    Yes! TestingTime works with over 1,000 companies on a daily basis, including well-known brands like Hello Fresh, Logitech, and Nielsen. They’ve also received rave reviews online from customers and participants—3.8 stars on TrustPilot and 4.6 stars on Google.

    How Much Can You Make Doing User Testing?

    User testing isn’t a reliable source of income. You might make $300 one month and nothing the next. That said, tests range from around $5 to $150 depending on the platform, test type, and level of participation required.

    What Are the Best User Testing Websites?

    The best user testing platforms are UserTesting, Userlytics, Dscout, Userbrain, and TestingTime.

    Can Teenagers Make Money with User Testing?

    Most user testing platforms have a minimum age requirement of 18. However, Dscout allows those under 18 to participate as long as they have parental permission.