The art of staying positive

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    The art of staying positive

    Last week my family and I spent 5 days at Walt Disney World, known by many to be the happiest place on earth. My two nieces (9 and 6 years old) were there to experience the magic with us adults. Though we all had a ton of fun, it was still interesting how easy it was for the kids, who got to miss a week a school and spend several days at Disney World, to complain about everything that went wrong.

    Even Steven is in warm, sunny Miami Florida for a while, so I took the opportunity to write a guest post for his blog,, that talks about keeping a positive attitude about life and using the placebo effect to take your future by the horns and completely kick ass in virtually every facet of your life.

    Head on over and give it a read.  I bet you'll positively like it!