The Friday Feast ~ December 14th, 2018

The Friday Feast ~ December 14th, 2018

The Friday Feast ~ December 14th, 2018

    Aaaaand here we go again, another Friday Feast! I'm going to try my very best to keep these going.

    The Friday Feast is my opportunity to offer up the posts that I enjoyed the most over the week. They don't necessarily need to be posted during the week...I just need to have read them during the week.  :)

    Here's what's up in the personal finance community

    Here we go! A few of my favorites from the personal finance community.

    Think of your decline in net worth as a loan by Accidental Fire - "I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Mark E’tdecline. And nobody, we mean nobody, is able to predict when he’ll come out of his shell, or when he’ll go back to being a hermit."

    Is it greedy to want more money? by Budget Like A Lady - "Do you feel a little greedy when you are researching ways to make more money? I mean, we have been taught to be happy with what we have."

    25 bloggers share the worst financial advice they've ever received by Be Net Worthy - "You’ll see some pretty awful financial advice, all offered by some of the most active personal finance bloggers today. And it’s not just bad investing advice or bad college advice that they’ve received."

    Is the whole idea of FIRE just a fantasy? by The Graying Saver - "
    I find it interesting that the article leads with a critique of FIRE that calls into question some of the underpinnings on which the movement is based. Namely that optimistic assumptions about future market returns are unrealistic."

    10 signs that mean you should probably quit your job by Chief Money Man - "How do you tell the difference between a simple bad day and a string of constant bad days that are shouting at you trying to make you understand something you are missing?"

    Happy Friday!

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