The Friday Feast ~ the 20th of January

Published January 20, 2017   Posted in Friday Feast

The personal finance community is filled with so many talented writers and inspiring families in search of something better out of life than the traditional society-approved plan of buying lots of stuff and retiring in your 60s if you’re lucky.

Here is a look at the best of this week’s personal finance blogs.

In this episode of Friday Feast: Financial Gusto, Andy Hill, Cottage Retreatist, Frugal Woods, Two Cents Together, Budget Peace, Get Rich Quickish, Graeme Falco, The Budget Boy, Mr Tako Escapes.

readingWelcome to the end of another week. The Friday Feast is my opportunity to highlight some of the best personal finance content that I read during the week. Both old and new articles get mentioned here because I enjoy going through people’s posting archives.

Now, on to the personal finance blogosphere!

I have a question: Kid’s college or retirement? Financial Gusto answers this doozy of a question.

And hey, check out the podcast interview I did with Andy Hill, who hosts the newish Marriage, Kids and Money podcast. Lots of fun, and Andy’s a natural at this.

My favorite post of the week

My favorite post for this week comes from Cottage Retreatist who writes of her wickedly awesome goal for 2017: Give less fucks.

Her motto for 2017 is simple, clear and effective: Reduce the number of fucks you give in 2017 and focus on what makes your life meaningful.

Beautiful. Check out the things she actually finds to be meaningful in her life…as well as the things that can fuck off.

More from the personal finance community

Frugal Woods lays down the law on frugal and healthy eating.

Check this: Two Cents Together celebrates spending and financial idiocy?

How many bank accounts do you have? Budget Peace makes the case that maybe only one is enough.

Lastly, Get Rich Quickish whips out some wise advice: Leave it better than you found it. Always make progress, add value and be happy.

Honorable mentions: Graeme Falco talks about challenges that young people faceThe Budget Boy asks if you truly own your home, lastly, Mr Tako Escapes contemplates going back to work?

Video of the week

Check out beautiful Snow Canyon just outside of St. George, UT. We hiked through volcanic rock and through a slot canyon. Beautiful area.

Coming up in the week ahead on ThinkSaveRetire: On Monday, I am publishing a guest post (her first ever!) from a blogger you know and love about what it’s like to fly high for a living, and on Wednesday I am giving the best advice I possibly can about early retirement.

Thanks for reading, and cheers to another financially productive week ahead!

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26 responses to “The Friday Feast ~ the 20th of January”

  1. Wow! Gorgeous views in that video. Sure beats the gloomy days we’ve been having here in PA lately. #sojealous #damnw2

  2. Thanks once again for your weekly list, Steve. I really enjoyed Frugalwoods post on healthy eating. It doesn’t have to be expensive like so many people think (or at least use the excuse). We share a lot in common when it comes to our approach on food.

    • Steve says:

      You’re very welcome! I agree, eating healthy doesn’t need to be expensive. It just takes a little forethought and getting used to a new routine.

  3. Great views on he video. It’s certainly different then what we’re use to here on the east coast. Especially in terms of weather this time of year. These videos remind me of why I love to travel thanks.

    • Steve says:

      Thanks FTF – I used to live on the East coast (D.C. area), and you’re right, the landscape just doesn’t compare. It’s one of the many reasons why I love it so much out here.

  4. Andy Hill says:

    Thanks for the shout out Steve! It was awesome to talk to you. Since our conversation, I have been inspired to take a hard look at my expenses and make some change so I can reach early retirement like you.

  5. Snow Canyon looks amazing. It looks like you all are having a blast and are really living it up.

    Thanks for sharing an awesome recap and can’t wait to read next week’s guest post. I have a feeling I know who it is and if so, she is AWESOME!!!

  6. Looks like a great hike. #envious

    Looks like you’re really enjoying your “retirement”!

  7. Thanks for the mention Steve! It’s wonderful to be included along with such great company!

    Loved the video too. Was it color corrected, or are those colors just straight out of the camera?

    • Steve says:

      You’re quite welcome, Mr. Tako! No color corrections done at all – I enhanced the contrast on some of the video, though. But, those colors are true to form straight from the beautiful Utah landscape. 🙂

  8. I love hearing about the Frugalwoods cooking. I wish my husband cooked for me like that! 🙂

  9. Awesome list, Steve!

    Utah looks awesome in your video! I’m actually heading to Salt Lake City in a few weeks to visit some friends and I can’t wait!

  10. Jamie says:

    Thanks for the mention Steve.

    Gorgeous scenery in that video! The geologist in me especially loved the close up rock shots 😉

    • Steve says:

      Thanks Jamie! Believe it or not, at one point in my life I wanted to be a geologist. Not sure what happened there. Appreciate the kind words! 🙂

  11. Thanks so much for featuring me as your favourite post of the week Steve it is very much appreciated and I am glad you like my resolution! 🙂

    Natalya x

  12. Mariana says:

    My favorite post this week was – “How I Became A 401(k) Millionaire” by Fritz from The Retirement Manifesto, ‘guest posting’ on Budgets are Sexy.
    Sometimes ALL you need to do to become a millionaire is to contribute to (or better yet – max out your 401k)

    • Steve says:

      Thanks Mariana – yup, at its core, it really is as simple as contributing…consistently. It does take time, but it’s not terribly complicated! 🙂

  13. Jef says:

    Great work guys, looks like you’re really enjoying retirement life from the looks of it 🙂
    Thanks for sharing these resources and keep up checking out the great outdoors!

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