The Friday Feast ~ the 20th of January

26 thoughts on “The Friday Feast ~ the 20th of January”

  1. Thanks once again for your weekly list, Steve. I really enjoyed Frugalwoods post on healthy eating. It doesn’t have to be expensive like so many people think (or at least use the excuse). We share a lot in common when it comes to our approach on food.

    1. You’re very welcome! I agree, eating healthy doesn’t need to be expensive. It just takes a little forethought and getting used to a new routine.

  2. Great views on he video. It’s certainly different then what we’re use to here on the east coast. Especially in terms of weather this time of year. These videos remind me of why I love to travel thanks.

    1. Thanks FTF – I used to live on the East coast (D.C. area), and you’re right, the landscape just doesn’t compare. It’s one of the many reasons why I love it so much out here.

  3. Thanks for the shout out Steve! It was awesome to talk to you. Since our conversation, I have been inspired to take a hard look at my expenses and make some change so I can reach early retirement like you.

  4. Snow Canyon looks amazing. It looks like you all are having a blast and are really living it up.

    Thanks for sharing an awesome recap and can’t wait to read next week’s guest post. I have a feeling I know who it is and if so, she is AWESOME!!!

    1. You’re quite welcome, Mr. Tako! No color corrections done at all – I enhanced the contrast on some of the video, though. But, those colors are true to form straight from the beautiful Utah landscape. 🙂

  5. My favorite post this week was – “How I Became A 401(k) Millionaire” by Fritz from The Retirement Manifesto, ‘guest posting’ on Budgets are Sexy.
    Sometimes ALL you need to do to become a millionaire is to contribute to (or better yet – max out your 401k)

    1. Thanks Mariana – yup, at its core, it really is as simple as contributing…consistently. It does take time, but it’s not terribly complicated! 🙂

  6. Great work guys, looks like you’re really enjoying retirement life from the looks of it 🙂
    Thanks for sharing these resources and keep up checking out the great outdoors!

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