The Friday Feast ~ the 26th of June

6 thoughts on “The Friday Feast ~ the 26th of June”

  1. Courtney,

    Thanks for the inclusion. Much appreciated!

    I agree with the health benefits of early retirement. I wrote a post a while ago explaining why I wasn’t worried about healthcare expenses in early retirement. Although I’m not technically “retired” now, I’m living a life much like I would if I had a million dollars in the bank. And I can say for sure my overall stress is way down and happiness way up. Stress is a big silent killer.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Thanks for including my post. Appreciate it. Migraines are awful! Tip – putting your hands in hot water helps me. Weird I know.
    Cheers! Have a great weekend.

  3. Thanks for the inclusion, my friend. Like you, I enjoy learning, particularly about personal finance, and getting the perspective of other PF bloggers is a great way to add to my own arsenal of knowledge. Have a fantabulous weekend!

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