The Friday Feast ~ the 27th of January

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  1. Steve, thanks again for sharing these. I love Finance Superhero’s post about whining is much easier than winning. Being around negative people is such a drain on me. I try to avoid them at all costs. For some people, I think being negative and always complaining has become comfortable to them. It would actually take for effort for them to make a change and be positive and go out and win at something. So they actually get to a state where they enjoy being unhappy. And they try to bring down others with them.

    1. You’re welcome, Go F Yourself. I agree, I have no time for negative people. And I think you’re right, they enjoy being unhappy. I guess it makes them feel better about the fact that things “aren’t going right” because, well, it’s easier to complain than to succeed. Man, that’s sad.

  2. Buying newer or a major project is a question whether it’s an airstream or a house. We considered a house that needed major renovations before move in when buying our current house. The logistics needed to manage the rehab and our lives caused us to stick with move in ready homes.

    1. Yup, it’s a big decision. My wife and I just aren’t natural rehabers when it comes to homes, so it just didn’t make sense to us – at least for our primary residence. For a secondary living arrangement…maybe.

  3. I’m honored, Steve. Thanks for including my “What If You Live to 100” post! (Hoping my “Stealth Wealth” will be your “Pick Of The Week” next week! (haha, so predictable, give the guy an honor, and he asks for more!! We’re so needy, aren’t we? Smiles).

    Thanks SO much for including me, love The Friday Feast!!
    Fritz @ TheRetirementManifesto recently posted…The Power Of Doing Good

    1. Thanks Fritz! You’ve totally built up the anticipation for your Stealth Wealth piece – I’m looking forward to reading it. There is incredible wisdom in being stealthy wealthy!

  4. Man, I love the look of vintage Airstreams! I really love that people are repurposing these old things with so much history and modding them out in modern ways. I still live vicariously through your nomadic life, though. Thanks for the compilation! I always find some great new people to follow with it. 🙂

    1. You’re most welcome! And yeah, us too – vintage Airstreams are just beautiful. All shiny and stuff…more difficult to maintain, but totally cool lookin’!

  5. Great list as always Steve.

    I loved the video too, but I think you guys should go for a hike when you do it. Not that I don’t enjoy looking at you guys talk for 6 minutes, but I find myself moving to another tab with the audio playing in the background.

  6. Wow Steve, thanks for the mention! My new blog put up some crazy numbers and I had to investigate. Also, we are basically neighbors – same city! Well, at least until you head out of here shortly.

    I really enjoyed the articles you linked here, especially the Pennies and Dollars one.

    1. Same city?!? Nice! Just wish it would warm up a bit around here. 70s by next week! And you’re very welcome for the mention – it was my pleasure!

  7. Great curation Steve! Being 9 hours ahead of the US, I had a chance to catch up before you guys awakened!

    I remember vividly being the age of Millennials today and my father had no sympathy for me. Old school!

    I like Bill Gates: “Like isn’t fair. Get used to it.”

    Tough call on the Airstream. My heart says, “Yea Baby!”, but my head tells me you made the right decision.
    Ian Bond recently posted…Your Retirement Fix: Stop Listening to Your Own Excuses

    1. Thanks Ian. Totally – renovating something that we’d live in full-time is definitely not in the plans and probably never will be. It’s just not our style. 🙂

  8. Question for your weekly video…the dogs in the airstream particularly the bulldog do they bark a lot at the campsite do they allow people to approach you…so my American bulldog would act aggressive towards anyone who was having a nice conversation if they could make it inside fine and dandy but walking around nightmare as my bodyguard would not allow it….every new location PITA however as you are stationary for the time being maybe nothing….so if you could expand on travelling with the dogs that would be great. Thanks!

    1. Hi Mully! Our white boxer hardly barks at all. Since she is a rescue, she is generally afraid of people. I haven’t witnessed a single ounce of aggression in her unless she feels threatened by another dog. No people aggression at all. Only larger dogs. Our dogs very easily adapt to their environment. They are wonderful travel pups.

  9. Hey, Steve! Thanks so much for sharing our post from TearUpTheBox, and for all of the great inspirational reads from the world of personal finance! Your site is truly a ‘wealth’ of information for anyone looking to think, save and retire. Cheers!

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