The Friday Feast ~ the 3rd of March

19 thoughts on “The Friday Feast ~ the 3rd of March”

  1. Once again, another great list to introduce new bloggers into my blogroll. 🙂

    How was the wine in the Sonoita Wine Vineyards? I’m not a wine expert and I’ve only been able to go do some wine tasting in Sonoma County, but I’m curious and interested in exploring other wineries and vineyards around the US.

    1. Thanks Smart Provisions. Wine was delish! May have taken a bottle home with me to continue the enjoyment. Granted, my taste for wine isn’t as…refined…at some, but I can hold my own!

  2. I am super intrigued by the Studenomics post if they are dropping lines like “You’re a broke joke because you’re always talking. You always have something to say.” Sounds awesome and really interesting. Thanks for sharing your highlights each week and Sonoita Wine Valley looks beautiful between the mountains.

    1. What can we say, Steve’s an easy target for sluts? Loved that article, Mr. Groovy. Worthy of a shout out in Steve’s awesome Friday Feast, even if you had to stoop to new lows to get his attention! 🙂

  3. “Do first and then talk about it later when you actually have something to say.”

    This is why I can’t get on the bandwagon where everyone is making their goals public online. I keep my goals very much to myself… at least until I’ve made some good headway. I’ve always been that way, but then I stumbled upon this talk by Derek Sivers recently:

    It definitely reinforced this notion for me.

    1. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, PP – we all have our own styles and ways of doing things. I don’t necessarily make all my goals public either…mostly because I tend to change my mind a lot! 😉

  4. Oh maaaaan, I’m jealous of that vineyard trip. It looks freakin’ beautiful. 🙂 We have vineyards here in Texas but our soil makes super-sweet wines, which Mr. Picky Pincher hates. Oh well!

    1. It was a nice trip, and we came back with a bottle to remember the experience by. We were surprised by how much of a wine country we have out here in Arizona when we first moved out here. Local wines…here? Gravy!

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