The Friday Feast ~ the 6th of November

12 thoughts on “The Friday Feast ~ the 6th of November”

  1. Haha — Yep, the snow is legit here! Having snow in early November is not unusual in most mountain towns, but it’s a little crazy that it’s still here! It didn’t all melt this week! Brrrrrrrrrrrr!!

    Thanks for featuring our charts and graphs post. 🙂 We’ll probably make that a quarterly thing.

    And on your post for this Wednesday, on student loans, here’s my very best tip: Go to college not just at an affordable school, but at an affordable school in a low cost of living place. I went to a state school (on a full ride, actually), and thought I’d have no trouble getting through debt-free. But it was located in a super pricey urban area, and that’s what killed me. Rent was a fortune, groceries were a fortune, transportation was a fortune, basically fill in the blank: ______ was a fortune. I ended up graduating with $10K in loans that went to pay for exotic things like my electricity bill and bus pass. That said, I would go to that school again in a heartbeat, so for me, it was worth it. But the cost of the actual place where the school was based never entered into my thinking.

    Hope you guys had a great weekend!

    1. Ah, yes! The cost of living in general around the school that you go to is another great tip. I do talk about attending less expensive state schools, but I didn’t specifically hit on the cost of living part. Nice tip.

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