The magical day has finally come – hurrah, hurrah!  Honestly, I had originally planned to release our new adventure and photography blog in early July, but heck, there is no time like the present, right?  And so, without further ado, our new blog has been officially released!


How this will work

Our new travel and exploration blog will be connected to Think Save Retire, but will maintain a completely separate look and feel, not to mention the web address.  We may link back and forth between these web sites from time to time, and we’ll probably always highlight the latest adventure article here.

Naturally, all retirement and motivational articles will remain right here on Think Save Retire, so you won’t have to go anywhere else for our discussions on early retirement and maximizing your happiness (this new adventure blog most definitely maximizes OUR happiness).  Keep reading and we’ll keep posting.

This is one of the things that my wife and I plan to pursue heavily after retirement – a traveling lifestyle while maintaining our adventure blog.  It keeps us busy and engaged, and blogging always comes with the inherent possibility of side income, which is always a nice side perk when retiring super early.

Our new blog’s content

Don’t call this a “travel blog”, because it is much, much more than that.  My wife and I do not particularly enjoy the act of traveling anyway.  What we enjoy is the adventure that we get to experience after we get to our destination.  It’s the destination that we love exploring.  The “travel” part is nothing more than how we get there.

The idea is to give our readers a fun, entertaining and unique perspective on exploring the world around us.  All articles will definitely include a good number of large, unwatermarked photos, and our plan is to film and post an accompanying video as well to provide an additional element of perspective to our adventure.

It could be a city, a hiking trail, an event or, heck, even a restaurant.  Virtually anything outside of our home is completely fair game with this new blog.  As long as we make the content engaging and exciting, then we will have accomplished our goals for this blog.

For example, our Incinerator Trail article represents the closest to what our vision for the web site entails.  It includes a video of our experience on the trail, lots of pictures and some text describing the event.  Expect additional postings to be similarly designed.

What do you think?  Constructive criticism is always encouraged!

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