Think Save Retire is expanding!

Think Save Retire is expanding!

Things are about to expand!

Think Save Retire is expanding!

    Over the last 6 months of running Think Save Retire, both Courtney and I have had an amazing time not only posting articles and reading comments, but also meeting other folks in this whole new community of ours.  Blogs like Our Next Life, Debtless In Texas, Money Mozart, Even Steven Money, Gen Y Finance Guy, Dividend Mantra, Debt Discipline and FI Big Sky have all influenced the both of us in ways that we cannot possibly express. Everything has been such a wonderful experience that we just can't help ourselves but keep this ship sailin'.

    In early July, Think Save Retire will be expanding and introducing a new element to the site - the side of us that likes to travel, hike and explore will get its own little home on the Internet through a connected - yet different - blog.

    Instead of Think Save Retire, we're going with Think Save Explore.

    On Think Save Explore, we document and meticulously photograph our world the way we see it.  Think of it as a travel blog, but much more encompassing.  We aren't just traveling - "travel" is too simple a term.  We are experiencing.  We are learning.  We are getting out into nature and digging our fingernails into the sand.

    We will write articles similar in style to what you read (and hopefully enjoy) here, but they will be laced with big, beautiful photographs that actually show what we're experiencing .  After all, words can only say so much.  We're upping the ante and giving your eyes some sexy and colorful stimulation.

    We will make an official announcement once the web site goes live, but watch for it.  If you love photo explorations as much as I do, I bet you'll like what we are putting together.

    Happy June!

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