Trying damn hard to stay frugal in San Francisco

4 thoughts on “Trying damn hard to stay frugal in San Francisco”

  1. Being a person that doesn’t have a smart phone Uber isn’t really an option to me, but from what I hear I believe it’s cheaper than taxi’s. But I can get around most of the city just fine by the bus honestly. I think it depends on how many people you are with and where you are going to. A lot of people don’t like muni because of the “people” on it… I think the people that I usually hear that from don’t really know how to budget well to begin with. Plus, I’m one of those people! Occasionally there’s the weird person on the bus that you’d rather not deal with but for the most part it’s not too bad.

    Also I’m not sure how much an Uber is from the airport into the city, but it’s probably close to the same price as a taxi which is really expensive compared to taking Bart into the city and then taking an Uber once you’re at the closest Bart stop.

    1. I lived in the San Francisco area years and years ago, but I was a child and don’t remember much about public transportation. I do, however, remember Bart – that name stuck with me cause it always reminded me – as I’m sure the SF city planners wanted – of the Simpsons character.

      We may end up taking Bart in, not entirely sure yet. I think you’re absolutely right that it would probably wind up being far, far cheaper than either a Taxi or Uber.

      Thanks Zee. Happy 2015!

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