Here’s the deal: I love you people. You’ve been exceptionally kind and supportive through my journey toward financial independence, and equally supportive after we reached it. Therefore, I feel compelled to give something back. 

In this case, I’m talking about Amazon Gift Cards. And, $150 worth of ’em.

Gift Card Contest Details

I’m giving away a total of $150 in Amazon gift cards (sent through email to all winners). One card per winner.

  • A total of five (5) cards will be given away to winners
  • $50 card to the very best comment (chosen by my wife and me)
  • Four (4) $25 winners chosen at random
  • All cards will be purchased (by me) and sent to winners straight through Amazon
  • Be sure to include your email address in the comment form as that will be the way that I contact winners; it is YOUR responsibility to respond to my email if you’re a winner!

How To Enter

  • You MUST be a subscriber to my newsletter (form provided below); if you are already signed up (thank you, BTW!), proceed to next step…
  • Write a comment below with one of your best financial achievements, and also a financial decision that you regret; both of these must be present to win

This competition is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered!

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