TSR Rewind: Remembering January, 2015

4 thoughts on “TSR Rewind: Remembering January, 2015”

  1. Right on Steve.

    I have a podcast in the works, but probably won’t launch until March or April. Would love to have you as a guest on the show if you are interested?

    Also just noticed you added your Net Worth Snapshot…AWESOME!

    I love the transparency this community has.


    1. Thanks Gen Y Finance Guy.

      Sure, I’d love to be a guest on your podcast once you get it running. I have a few ideas that I’m toying with for my own future podcasts (different from these “Rewind” shows, so I might ask you to be on with me). Yup, added the snapshot just a couple days ago. My goal is somewhere in the neighborhood of a million by the time that I’m 40, so I have 7 years to amass the additional $500k. But good point, I should display that for reference.

      Luckily, the more money you have, the more it grows, and the more it grows, the more you have, and the…

      It’s a spiral of money, I tell you! 🙂

      I also like your “Financial Stats” page. Lemme noodle with that a little bit to see where it might fit best.

  2. Just wanted to say a quick hello from Finland! I really enjoyed listening to your podcast. And like reading your blog too – so keep up the good work! Thanks for the inspiration.


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