Two week summer break on the Oregon coast

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  1. Love the photos!!! My husband is an avid photographer and Oregon coast is definitely on our “must visit” list. We enjoy a wide variety outdoor activities and can’t wait to buy a camper and travel the US/Canada one day πŸ™‚

  2. Looks perfect. Enjoy and yes a real shower must feel awesome. We are gonna hit up Oregon sometime in the new year. Will be excited to see it for the first time.

  3. Great stuff!

    I am jealous of those temperatures, amazing to have a jacket on at night at get to enjoy being outdoors without too many bugs getting you.

    Looks like fantastic scenery every direction you look. Great pictures, I especially like the one of your dog on the beach!

    Safe travels and will be looking forward to seeing where you have travelled to next!

    1. Thanks much, Cameron. Yup, the evening jackets really are great. I’m just not used to that in the summertime. We never get that luxury when we lived in Arizona!

  4. Breathtaking. One day I will make it up there! shakes fist
    we took a road trip to Oregon when I was about 10. It’s always a place I vyed to return due to its landscape (that and I got to play with Venus fly traps in the woods).

  5. Great post Steve. Really enjoyed the pictures. If you are up for adventure, put the Al-Can Highway on your list. I’ve driven it several times and it is a seriously beautiful trip. Hard to beat the Pacific Northwest for sheer beauty. Enjoy the trip and keep the travel logs coming. Life should be about more than how much money one can save.

    FIRE On! – Oldster

  6. That’s an absolutely gorgeous part of the country! I stayed in Bandon with a sister one Thanksgiving. We both love the rock formations and the sunsets and we captured absolutely incredible pictures of the sunset. We were cold and spent three hours or so and stayed until after sunset and luckily found a very nice restaurant in Bandon that had no reservations required and served great thanksgiving dinners! But yeah we traveled between Portland and Bandon and went through the Willamette valley and then across to Newport and south, then back. Absolutely gorgeous and laid back. I saved up a lot of money in stock investing and turn 59 and a half in 16 months (but who is counting) and can tap my Roth accounts tax free at that point. So I’m just thinking “what if?”

  7. Ah so gorgeous! Thanks as always for filling my eyes with beautiful photos! Nothing like spending time with loved ones and doing it in such wonderful surroundings. Love the photo of Penny too. Reminds me of our boxer, she was the best dog. And that bridge, very cool! I could go on and on…thanks, Steve.

  8. I’ve spent a lot of time around these places. Beautiful pictures Steve!

    Summer is truly the best season to visit the Pacific Northwest — temperatures are comfortable, the rain and clouds disappear, and the plants are lush and green.

    Enjoy your time out here!

  9. Have a fantastic time in Oregon. There are just too many amazing places on the Oregon coast, but here are a few spots that I would recommend: Seal Rock State Park, Pacific City sandstone formations at Cape Kiwanda, Cape Lookout State Park (take the trail up to a great viewpoint), Cape Meares lighthouse, Oswald West State Park, Hug Point State Park, Ecola State Park, Astoria. There are great photography opportunities in all of these places. In fact, great photo ops are endless in Oregon. My husband and I are working on our FIRE so we can spend more time exploring our beautiful state and all the beautiful places there are to see and people to meet in this world.

    1. Thanks Jennifer. You’re right, there is just too much to see, at least for one trip. It’s been wonderful so far. We’re liking the northern coast of Oregon best. πŸ™‚

  10. Wow you have some great talent with your photography skills! That first picture is to die for with the sun streaming in through the trees. I also love the beach picture with the slow shutter speed (is that what it is? I don’t know the photography lingo very well). I love the Oregon coast, the last time I went (I think a few years ago?) the weather wasn’t so great with the wild fires (it was quite smoky).

  11. Thanks Steve, the photos are great. You certainly have an eye for them. I can’t wait to get over to the states for a long term mooch about the place when I get done.

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