“What do you do?” Are you a plumber, or a hiker?

11 thoughts on ““What do you do?” Are you a plumber, or a hiker?”

  1. I answer with I am a SEO manager….and get a blank stare in return. Then I have to explain that things are ranked in Google and websites can be optimized to rank as high as possible, blah blah blah.

    I think people have a lot of their identity wrapped up in their work, after all we spend most of our days at work – unless we are able to break free. It would be nice to say that you are a blogger or a photo-blogger, but ultimately it would be “I am a business owner” and that is pretty cool – especially when you are selling yourself!

    1. Hi Brian!

      True, some people do have their identity wrapped up in their work. I wish more people (me included) enjoyed the same phenomenon. A business owner is an awesome way to introduce yourself. Naturally, the next question is “What kind of business do you run?”

      And bam…the beginnings of another interesting conversation. 🙂

  2. Hey Steve,

    Thanks for the mention, it really is funny how job centric everyone is these days. But then again… it is where (or what) we spend the majority of our waking hours doing. I know that I do, even though I’m working hard at removing a traditional job from my life. But yes, it’s a boring way to answer the question. I just need to find some better answers besides “small dog wrestler” or “karaoke superstar”… well not superstar, but I do karaoke from time to time.


    1. Not a problem, Zee – your post truly did inspire this one. Ha, a karaoke superstar. Now that answer would definitely get me to answer a follow up question or two. In fact, it might even encourage me to beg you to belt out a few choice numbers right in the middle of everybody.

      Imagine the stories…

  3. Loved this post. I am guilty of falling back on my JOB as well.

    But until this post I had not given it much thought. But now when people ask me I am going to tell them that I and a finance and fitness fanatic and aspiring lifestyle entrepreneur.

    That should make for some interesting conversation.


    1. Hey Gen Y,

      I’m a bit of a fitness fanatic too, but I definitely like your phrase “lifestyle entrepreneur”. Never heard that one before, but I think it definitely hits at the heart of what we’re really doing with our lives here. We aren’t just going with the flow. We are directing. We are managing our own directions. We are…chieftains of our own destinies. 🙂

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