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Think Save Retire welcomes guest posts and sponsored content that provides maximum value through unique insight into financial independence.



Due to the number of guest post requests, the standards for guest post submissions are intentionally high (described below).


Quality is the #1 determining factor for all posts that are published on


This blog gets up to a 100K pageviews a month. The newsletter contains over 5K email subscribers.

Contacting methods

  • If you are interested in writing a sponsored post, see this page.
  • General requests or questions, see the contact page.

Sponsoring opportunities

Sponsored content is disseminated to Think Save Retire readers in exchange for a fee from the sponsor, and there are two primary ways to purchase a sponsored opportunity.

  • Write a sponsored post, or
  • Sponsor a link in the weekly email newsletter (described below)

Weekly email newsletter link sponsorships

The Think Save Retire weekly newsletter contains a section at the bottom with links to external articles that the editor liked that week. Currently, there are four to five links in that section, and it looks something like this:

Article ImageScreenshot of external links in the weekly newsletterSponsoring a link means your link will be included among the five links in exchange for a flat-rate fee of $50. The link will run in a single email newsletter and there are absolutely no guarantees regarding how many clicks that your link will get.

All sponsored links will be approved before they are run in a weekly newsletter, and 100% of the fee is due at least one week before the newsletter is sent. Think Save Retire reserves the right to decline sponsored link requests for any reason. If it has nothing to do with personal finance, it’ll probably be rejected.

To request a newsletter link sponsorship, email [email protected].

If you are interested in writing a guest post for this blog, continue reading because you’re in the right place.

Guest Post Popular topics

Guest posts should be 100% relevant to this blog and the reader base. Popular topics include:

  • Financial Independence
  • Early Retirement
  • Risk-Taking
  • Psychology (that relates to taking risks)
  • Unique or miraculous achievements (or failures)

Also, we love personal stories. If you have a story that’s super unique, personal, exciting or just downright interesting, throw us the details below.

The top priority with the topic choice is uniqueness. If we could find the topic on any other money or personal finance blog out there, it’s probably not right for this blog. Your topic must be clear and specific, unique and interesting.

How to submit a guest post

First, please be sure to follow this blog on social media, and “Like” or share some of our content:

Next, all guest authors need to come prepared with at least a few topics in mind. Guest post requests that do not include clear ideas for posting topics will not be accepted – and due to the volume of requests received, we may not be able to respond to these submissions.

We are looking for posts that are at least 1,500 words. Longer pieces are okay provided the content is substantive, helpful and well-written. Long posts offer more “food for thought” and better overall value to the reader and is becoming increasingly important in the blogosphere.

The very first link in your guest post should link internally to another post on this blog that compliments your piece. Thereafter, you are permitted to include a couple of additional links back to your site – within reason. Generally, two or three, max. These links should be included naturally within the writing and not come across as salesy.

We reserve the right to include rel=”nofollow” in any links included within the guest post. “No follow” links discourage search engines from “following” and counting the backlink.

Source all statistics to credible outlets and always include citations for images that are not CC0 or in the public domain (you must also have legal permission to use all images in your post). and are two popular websites that offer CC0 images that can be used for any purpose.

Use proper headings (h2, h3, etc) within the content. A guest post without any headings will be disregarded outright. Additionally, write using smaller paragraphs whenever possible.

Lastly, while we will edit your post for general fitness on my blog, we are not your primary editors. Guest posts should be edited for spelling and grammar before they are submitted. Posts that contain numerous errors will be disregarded.

Publishing Process

Be sure to get your topic idea approved before starting to write the piece. This is usually done through email. Once your idea is approved, you are free to begin writing the article.

We prefer a shared Google Doc, but your piece can also be submitted as an attachment to an email or straight in the body of an email.

Once your guest post is received, we will review it and inform you of any changes. We make an effort not to change the meaning of the piece but reserve the right to alter word use or perform other changes to correct for spelling/grammar mistakes or make the post fit better on the blog.

Once the piece is officially accepted, we will turn it into an official post and will schedule it for publishing. Usually, guest posts are published one to three weeks from the date of acceptance but could vary depending on the time of year or topic area.

Please note that guest posts can be rejected or deleted for any reason.

After Publishing

Once your post is published, we encourage you to share it with your social media following as you like. There is no minimum number of shares or mentions that you must make of the post, but the more popular the guest post is, the more referral traffic your website will receive.

You are more than welcome (and encouraged) to respond to any comments that the guest post receives, especially those that pertain to you.

You may not republish the guest post on any other site, including yours. If we find that it has been republished, it may be removed from this blog, and your chances of publishing another guest post in the future may also be removed. Guest posts are written only for this blog.

Submit Your Guest Post Request

Email the editor, [email protected] to submit a request to write a guest post for