We didn’t buy a yurt

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  1. It’s really human nature to jump to conclusions. Our brain is hard wired to view situations based on certain heuristics of what we’ve seen before. This is why its so hard to do things like active listening. Our brains want to apply meaning to what someone is saying before the finish saying it. As such we don’t hear what they say.

    1. Very true, FTF – “active listening”. Something that so few of us (me included) do all that well. But when you DO do active listening, you definitely benefit from it.

  2. A Yurt Greenhouse?? Really?? Don’t folks realize that’s, um, kind of impossible?

    SO funny. And so sad.

    Be who you are. Folks that love you (Me!!), will continue to love you. Even if you decide to move into a Yurt. (They are kind of cool, actually!). I’m really enjoying your journey. Your photos and videos are AMAZING. Thanks for helping all of us (for now) desk bound corporate warriors keep our dreams alive!

  3. So you’re not going to move into a Yurt? You could corner the market on people looking for Yurt content. It could even become a lifestyle brand with exclusive apparel, a perfume deal, and a custom affinity credit card. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the opportunity! 😉

  4. Daaaaamn, internet. I would have thought people would consume media with more care on April Fool’s Day, too. Sucks about the subscriptions, but I guess they weren’t diehard followers. 😉

    I won’t lie–I’m actually still tempted to buy a yurt. Land is cheap in Texas, yurts are cheap. It seemed like a natural fit. Mr. Picky Pincher wasn’t for the yurt and we got a boring traditional house instead (grumble grumble).

  5. I was going to suggest you re-think the Yurt thing. You could invent a Yurtbar, like a Cliff Bar for yurt dwellers. Imagine the side hustle! Put enough protein in it for humans and dogs! Then I googled yurtbar for fun and found this, a totally different concept but very cool. http://www.yurtbar.co.uk/

    I back out of new websites more often than I move past the home page. But I’m a bit surprised by your experience. I would think people who were already fans wouldn’t be as rash.

    P.S. you had Mr. Groovy going for a bit on that video.

  6. That’s pretty bad people couldn’t sit through 2 1/2 minutes. I missed the video but think I would have been to curious to click off it. (Heading to subscribe now). And seriously PLEASE keep the photos coming, I could look at your shots all day!

  7. You’re so right!! People are fickle, attention spans are limited. I missed the yurt video but I’m pretty sure if you guys did go the yurt route you would gather just as many fans of that lifestyle…all you did was weed out the lame ones. 😉 That being said, glad you’re sticking with the airstream!! I’ve never been inside one and am hopeful I will meet Charlie at some point…oh, and you guys too!! 🙂

    1. You’re probably right! In fact, the Yurt idea might actually be a better niche on YouTube because far less people are doing it compared to traveling around in an RV. Perhaps in our next life. 🙂

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