Creative Fabrica Review (Is It Any Good?)

Creative Fabrica Review (Is It Any Good?)

Creative Fabrica Review (Is It Any Good?)

Creative Fabrica is a digital marketplace where designers sell fonts and graphics. It offers unique designs and a free graphic design tool, Studio, enhancing user creativity without cost.

Creative Fabrica Review (Is It Any Good?)

    Creative Fabrica is a marketplace that allows designers to sell digital assets to a range of customers. Designers upload their unique creations, like fonts and graphics, and folks like you gain access to millions of assets to leverage in their work. While there are a few competitors on the market with similar offerings, Creative Fabrica stands out with its commitment to providing high-quality, affordable design resources. Their free graphic design tool, Studio, offers a unique option for users to explore designs without spending a dime.

    How Creative Fabrica Works

    Creative Fabrica is a marketplace, meaning there are two groups that primarily use the platform—designers and those in need of design assets.

    For Designers

    Designers can open a Creative Fabrica shop, upload their designs, and earn income when crafters purchase their assets. You’ll keep 75% of the sale when you generate the sale yourself. If Creative Fabrica refers a user to your shop and they make a purchase, you’ll keep 50% of the sale.

    That said, Creative Fabrica doesn’t control pricing of your work—you can choose your pricing based on your desired profit margins. You can withdraw earnings at any time, and deposits will typically hit your account within 7 days.

    While earnings vary, some designers have reported earning roughly $1,000 in their first year on Creative Fabrica.

    For Hobbyists, Crafters, and Agencies

    Creative Fabrica’s marketplace offers a diverse range of assets—fonts, SVG files, graphic designs, and embroidery designs, to name a few. As a user, you’re able to purchase specific assets individually or subscribe to a monthly plan to get access to thousands of assets for one price.

    Whether you’re a Cricut aficionado, a print-on-demand shop owner, or someone picking up embroidery as a hobby, you’re sure to find an asset that suits every project.

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    Creative Fabrica Studio

    If you’re not ready to purchase a subscription or specific asset but want to play around with a few designs, check out Creative Fabrica’s online graphic design tool, Studio. Within Studio, you’ll find thousands of free templates you can edit, add elements to, and download.

    Unlike other design software, Studio is simultaneously simple and robust. The interface reminds us of a cross between Canva and Adobe products like InDesign and Illustrator. That said, it remains easy-to-navigate, even for beginners.

    When you begin to use Studio, you’ll find a ton of file sizes to work with. Unlike some other platforms, the sizing options are tailored to popular design formats. You’ll find the exact sizing you need for print-on-demand designs, craft projects like Cricut stencils, and even digital designs like Google Ads.

    Creative Fabrica Studio Dashboard

    Once you’ve selected the file size, you can explore thousands of templates to work off of. You’ll find loads of free fonts, elements, graphics, and patterns to play with. If you want to generate your own image, you can use the Spark AI option to create images based on prompts. You can also use this AI tool to remove the background of an image.

    Creative Fabrica Studio ai

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    How Much Creative Fabrica Costs

    Creative Fabrica has a unique pricing structure. You’ll have two options—purchase assets individually or subscribe to one of their plans.

    If you’re only in need of a specific asset or two, purchasing them individually makes sense. Otherwise, their subscription options are far more cost-effective. All plans include commercial licensing—an important element if you plan to sell items using the assets.

    Here’s what their exact plans look like.

    Plan Cost What it Includes
    Crafts $12/3 months 210,000+ cut files, commercial license, access to the Craft Club
    Fonts $19/month 165,000+ fonts (with new ones added daily), commercial license
    Graphics $19/month 8M+ designs (with new graphics added daily), commercial license
    All Access $9/month Everything in the Crafts subscription, 165,000+ fonts, 8M+ graphic assets, 210,000+ cut files, 59,000+ embroidery designs, commercial license

    The plan options cater to both casual crafters and professional designers. The lower-priced, more specialized plans make sense for those that need a specific type of asset. Otherwise, most people will get the best bang for their buck with the All Access plan.

    Why Creative Fabrica is Worth It

    Based on our research, Creative Fabrica seems 100% worth the cost if you’re a crafter or designer looking for assets you can leverage in designs. Aside from their affordable pricing and seemingly-endless library of assets, the platform boasts a user-friendly interface, attentive customer service, and additional resources.

    We were impressed by the number of free or affordable tools and resources like:

    • Studio: A free online graphic design tool with thousands of assets to use
    • CF Spark Writer: A free tool to generate copy for nearly anything—from Etsy shop descriptions, to blogs, to ads
    • Teacher Club Card: A $2.99/year subscription for five teaching resources per week
    • Shapecloud: A free word cloud art generator

    Creative Fabrica reviews are also overwhelmingly positive. With 4.3 stars on Trustpilot, rave reviews on Reddit, and a slew of positive feedback on their own site, users seem more than satisfied with the product.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Use Creative Fabrica for Print-on-Demand?

    Yes! Creative Fabrica offers a library of print-on-demand assets, all of which contain a license for commercial use. You can even create the design for your print-on-demand product right within Studio.

    What Unique Features Does Creative Fabrica Studio Offer?

    As of writing, Creative Fabrica Studio offers 38 unique features, including a background remover, AI image generator, transparent PNG creation, and picture animation. While other platforms charge for basic features, Studio offers a range of powerful design tools for free.

    How Do You Open a Shop on Creative Fabrica?

    Opening a shop on Creative Fabrica is simple. If you already have a Creative Fabrica account, navigate to your account settings, then click the button labeled “Turn my account into a designer account.” If you’re new to Creative Fabrica, follow the prompts on the Open a Store page.

    Can I Use Fonts and Elements from Creative Fabrica for Canva Templates?

    If you purchase an asset from Creative Fabrica, you cannot sell an item (like a product or template) with the exact same design. You’ll need to make a new design using the elements.

    For example, if you purchase a flower graphic, you can’t slap it onto a print-on-demand tote bag and call it a day. You’d need to transform the graphic into your own unique design. Creative Fabrica’s subscription license terms break this down quite well.