As you can see from the Archives page, I started this blog back in November of 2014 without really knowing how far I wanted to take the blog, nor if people would actually pay attention to what I write.  After several exciting months of involvement in personal finance blogging, it turns out that people are.  Recently, I got my 150th 200th follower on Twitter.  Cue applause.

150 Twitter followersFrom an overall statistics perspective, the blog also enjoys several thousand page views a month (which equates to a couple hundred “uniques”, otherwise known as unique visitors whose visit to my blog, regardless of how many pages are accessed, is only counted once).

This may not seem like a whole lot after nearly 6 months in operation, but I am extremely happy with it.  Aside from commenting on other blogs, I don’t advertise my blog anywhere.  My visitors truly are organic – coming through other blogs, forum posts or search engines.  This has truly been a labor of love – I foot the hosting bill.  The ads that I display on the site, which aren’t many, do not cover the costs yet.  I don’t display sponsored posts from companies, either.

I am honored that you’re a visitor.  Seriously, I really am.  The truth is I’ve put a lot of time into making this blog as useful as I can by bringing in my own personal perspective on the issue of financial independence and early retirement.  With my wife’s help, we’ve built up into a blog that not only presents my thoughts on the issues of happiness, minimalism and living smart, but my wife’s mastery of numbers (budgets!) and love of learning (Friday Feast!).

I also have a monthly podcast going that gives me an opportunity to talk a little bit about the previous month.  I have toyed with the possibility of producing a more active podcast, but that probably isn’t imminent at this point.

Long story short, I appreciate your support.  This blog is not just about my wife and I.  I want to give my visitors a new perspective on the issue of living smart and retiring early.  If I can get through to just a single person, I would consider that a wonderful success.

Once again, thank you.