150 Twitter followers? Cool, thanks guys!

Published April 9, 2015   Posted in How to Think

As you can see from the Archives page, I started this blog back in November of 2014 without really knowing how far I wanted to take the blog, nor if people would actually pay attention to what I write.  After several exciting months of involvement in personal finance blogging, it turns out that people are.  Recently, I got my 150th 200th follower on Twitter.  Cue applause.

150 Twitter followersFrom an overall statistics perspective, the blog also enjoys several thousand page views a month (which equates to a couple hundred “uniques”, otherwise known as unique visitors whose visit to my blog, regardless of how many pages are accessed, is only counted once).

This may not seem like a whole lot after nearly 6 months in operation, but I am extremely happy with it.  Aside from commenting on other blogs, I don’t advertise my blog anywhere.  My visitors truly are organic – coming through other blogs, forum posts or search engines.  This has truly been a labor of love – I foot the hosting bill.  The ads that I display on the site, which aren’t many, do not cover the costs yet.  I don’t display sponsored posts from companies, either.

I am honored that you’re a visitor.  Seriously, I really am.  The truth is I’ve put a lot of time into making this blog as useful as I can by bringing in my own personal perspective on the issue of financial independence and early retirement.  With my wife’s help, we’ve built ThinkSaveRetire.com up into a blog that not only presents my thoughts on the issues of happiness, minimalism and living smart, but my wife’s mastery of numbers (budgets!) and love of learning (Friday Feast!).

I also have a monthly podcast going that gives me an opportunity to talk a little bit about the previous month.  I have toyed with the possibility of producing a more active podcast, but that probably isn’t imminent at this point.

Long story short, I appreciate your support.  This blog is not just about my wife and I.  I want to give my visitors a new perspective on the issue of living smart and retiring early.  If I can get through to just a single person, I would consider that a wonderful success.

Once again, thank you.

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9 responses to “150 Twitter followers? Cool, thanks guys!”

  1. Well Steve, we enjoy reading – so keep it up

  2. You promise to keep writing and I promise to keep reading.


  3. The pleasure is all mine. Just make sure to think about us sad souls freezing our asses off in the Northeast, while you lounge by your pool 🙂

  4. Excellent progress in such a short time. I like reading blogs with views close to mine to see how we approach similar goals in different ways.

  5. Jason says:

    Love the blog and now I can follow you on Twitter. Woo hoo.

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